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Coming to university for the first time can feel scary especially if you are from out of town and don’t know anybody. Here at UC, we can make this experience a little bit easier with our targeted mentor programme for those who have just started. When you apply for a mentor you will be paired with an older student studying a similar subject or has similar interests to you. They can help you to access the services on campus and can be someone you can talk to about your experiences and studies.

Types of mentorship at UC

UC Mentoring Programme

This is the standard mentor programme which is open to all first years. The mentors come from a range of backgrounds from first in the family to study at uni, to PhD, domestic and international.

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Māori Leadership Programme

This is a mentor programme specifically made for first-year Māori students. You’ll be paired with one of our Māori Tuākana/Mentors, who are trained by our Māori leadership team. You don’t need to be able to speak Te Reo Māori or be studying Māori to take up this opportunity.

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Pacific Mentoring Programme

This mentor programme is designed for enrolled Pasifika students at UC. Your mentor will introduce you to support services, and events for Pasifika students as well as help you to become familiar with UC more generally.

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College based and club mentoring

These are mentoring programmes created by academic clubs alongside their respected colleges and is perfect for those who want help with their studies. These include:

  • EngMe: Mentoring and academic support for first-year engineering students bought you by ENSOC.
  • LawMe: Mentoring and academic support for first-year law students bought you by LAWSOC.
  • Non-academic Arts Mentors: Mentoring for first-year College of Arts students bought you by UC Arts Society (work in progress).

Contact the relevant clubs for more information

For more information on mentorship or how to become on yourself visit: https://www.canterbury.ac.nz/support/get-support/new/mentoring-programmes/

Do you love sport, chatting to fellow students and fancy yourself as a leader?

We’re looking for the next UC student rep to sit on the University and Tertiary Sport New Zealand Student Athlete Commission. This is the perfect opportunity to become recognised as a student leader in NZ sport, and ideal for networking with other student leaders and sport administrators across NZ.

What does the UTSNZ Student Athlete Commission do?

The role of the commission is to advise the UTNSZ board around student sport participation, and be a vehicle for student voice within sport.

Who will I be working with?

Each NZ university has a student rep on the commission, and the group works closely with UTSNZ staff members, and UC Rec & Sport.

What would I be required to do?

Commission members are required to:

  • Meet as a group at least four times a year via teleconference, web conference or in person at UTSNZ events
  • bring student-athlete issues and opportunities to the Student Athlete Commission on behalf of their University
  • Assist UTSNZ to canvass student-athlete views and implement projects as applicable
  • Relay and provide information about UTSNZ to their networks
  • Champion UTSNZ and its activities/events within their member organisations and communities

Want to know more, or keen to put your hand up?

Get in touch with Gary Gin, Sport Coordinator at UC Rec & Sport – gary.gin@canterbury.ac.nz


UC Student Blogger | Welcome to UC

​Starting university is exciting, but it can also bring its own unique challenges. It’s completely normal to feel nervous or a bit overwhelmed during the first few weeks, and it can be a while before you feel settled in. One of our UC Student Bloggers reflects on their own experience of starting at UC,  and shares some tips on what you can do to get yourself sorted: 

Although university is an exciting experience, it can often be an intimidating one as well – especially when you are a new student. When I first started university, while it was exciting, I found everything a bit intimidating at first. And because I hadn’t been told I might feel this way and that it was totally normal, it took me a few months of trying things out. So here are a couple of things that I did when I was a new student that was useful to help me settle into university life!

If you’re feeling a little lost around your degree or have burning questions about your courses, the number one thing I recommend to all students, especially if you’re a new student, is to go and see a Student Advisor. Appointments with Student Advisors are free, and they can offer advice on any course or degree questions that you have.

When I went to see one in my first year, I wasn’t enjoying my courses or my degree and they really helped me figure out what I did enjoy learning. Advisors are there to help you figure out what is not working and provide suggestions on what might fit or suit you better. The best thing I did at uni as a new student was to go and see a Student Advisor!

The second thing I found hugely helpful to me as a new student was making the most of the Academic Skills Centre. Academic Skills have a wide range of wonderful (and free!) resources for students. From free workshops covering everything from essay writing to exam prep to one-on-one appointments with Learning Advisors who can go over your assignment or essay with you, there is so much to make the most of!

Where Canterbury students share their experiences.

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