Dunedin on a budget

Getting there:

1.  By road: car or bus 5 hours one way. Popular bus networks include InterCity, nakedbus and Atomic Shuttles.

2. By air: plenty of flights run everyday to and from Dunedin. Bear in mind the airport is quite far from the city centre. Also, if on a tight budget it’s a lot cheaper by road.

Staying there: Plenty of budget and backpackers accommodation available. Unfortunately there isn’t a YHA but my favourite place to stay is Manor House Dunedin.

Things to do:

Art and culture:

Museums: Otago Museum,  Toitu  Otago Settlers Museum – both free

Galleries: Public Art Gallery – free

Gardens: Dunedin Botanic Gardens (free) , Chinese Gardens ($6 student fee)

Heritage buildings: St. Paul’s Cathedral, First Church of Otago, Dunedin Prison, Dunedin Railway station, Otago Daily Times Building (all with free entry) and La Ranch Castle and finally Olveston House Tour for a $18 student fee.

Factory Tours: Speights  Brewery Tour and Cadbury World Tour. $25 and $20 respectively for the student fee. And there’s unlimited beer at the end of the brewery tour!


Beaches: Tunnel beach (2 hour walk from the carpark), Victory beach, Aramoana beach, Bluesky bay, Long beach, Sandy beach and St. Clair.

Tracks and viewpoints:

Signal Hill, Pineapple track, Mt. Cargill and Silver Peak and the infamous Otago Penisuala and its regions.

Unfortunately I don’t know what the beaches and tracks are like as it was freezing when I was down there and frankly speaking, I got lazy and preferred the warmth in my room rather than the ice cold winds outside!

Have you been to Dunedin before? Anything else you reckon can be done without spending too much? Comment below and let us know.

Education Careers Fair

When: Tuesday, 14 July
Where: Jack Mann Auditorium, Dovedale campus
Time: 10am-2pm
For: College of Education students
Why: A careers fair is a great opportunity to meet potential employers and find out what employers look for. It’s an informal yet professional setting that helps you build useful networks and establish valuable contacts.

It’s a good time to sort out practical experience in the form of internships or even land yourself a graduate position. Although placements are a mandatory part of most degrees at the college, and some of you may have already been offered graduate positions through your placements, it never hurts to gain more experience and explore your options with other employers.

You don’t need to sign up and there is no entry fee, so go ahead and explore the possibilities!

Fine Arts Student Series

Ilam Campus Gallery, Block 2, SoFA, 15 July – 3 September

The Ilam School of Fine Arts’ Student Series showcases current student work across the studios and comprises of four two-week exhibitions.

The first exhibition is After Nature: A Remix of Fragility by Donna Patterson, Janie Bruce, Olivia Chamberlain and Mandy Joass. The exhibit of paintings and sculpture opens 5pm Tuesday 14 July and runs until 25 July.

The second exhibition, Near Drowning, features multidisciplinary work by Melissa MacLeod. Opening night is from 5pm, Friday 24 July and runs until 6 August.

Keep an eye on the School of Fine Arts website for details of the final two exhibitions in the series closer to the time.

If you’re really into sculpture, then you also need to check out Aggregate, the Ilam School of Fine Arts’ annual sculpture exhibition. This will be at 132-140 Lichfield St (behind Smash Palace) from 5pm Tuesday 24 July until 2 August.

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