NZ4Nepal has hit nearly $50k!

Everyone knows the tragic disaster that hit Nepal and enough has been  written about the facts and statics behind it. Christchurch took it a step further  and showed it’s support for both the incident and the Nepalese community in Christchurch.

A candle light vigil was held in Victoria Square Friday May 1 from 6:30pm. Put together by the Christchurch City Council, The New Zealand Nepal friendship Society and the Student Volunteer Army.

Speeches  were given by the Mayor and the president of the Nepalese Community and candles were lit that read NZ4Nepal. It was a solemn occasion where Christchurch stood together as a city an showed its support to its residents and their families back home.

A give a little page has been set up almost immediately after the incident and has raised close to $50,000 dollars!
Please like, share and donate to the cause if you can and do your bit for Nepal right from home.

Click here to donate.

History of writing exhibition on campus

A sneak peek of the exhibition

A sneak peek of the exhibition

Did you know we have some incredible pieces of history right here on campus?  The University of Canterbury’s James Logie Memorial Collection features unique artefacts including ancient Greek pottery, an Egyptian piece of Mummy-wrapping linen and a Roman bust.

Some of these pieces are currently on display in the exhibition From Hieroglyphs to Text Messages: A Short History of Writing which is located in the ground floor gallery of the Matariki building.

The exhibition includes samples of Egyptian papyrus, Roman grave inscriptions and early cuneiform tablets. Together these artefacts tell the fascinating story of how different cultures have developed ways to communicate and share ideas through writing.

The exhibition runs until May 22, from 8.30am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Why not check it out next time you’re nearby? It’s right opposite Puaka-James Hight.

See it while you can – the James Logie Memorial Collection will soon be held and displayed in the Arts Centre in the CBD. Vice-Chancellor Rod Carr says “it will have an ideal environment for greater collaboration with the Arts Centre, the Canterbury Museum, and the Art Gallery, and other key parts of the Christchurch cultural and educational community.” So make sure you view the exhibition while it’s still here!

For more information about the Collection, see the James Logie Memorial Collection website.

Library Book Give away #2

When:  May 8
Where: Puaka- James Hight, Level 3, North side                                             Time: 12:15pm – 3pm

The Central Library gives away plenty of quality books every year and it’s time round 2 of 2015.

Give away reasons:                                                                                                     

1.It no longer meets the demands of the course or research paper it       relates to                                                                                                                     2. Fewer copies of the title are now required or it has been replaced 3. It was donated and doesn’t meet the “criteria for learnin                    teaching or research at UC

Give away rules:                                                                                                                1. First come first serve                                                                                                2. Bring your own bag

There’s plenty up for grabs and in all genres too; from Engineering to Commerce and even Music and Literature! So get a massive bag, some good energy and get in line to place your dibs.


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