They failed to realise they were on camera

What’s happened in the last week?

The weekly Insider’s Guide email was delivered and included some of the following…
  • It’s Maori Language Week
  • Think First
  • Going flatting this next year?
  • Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate? Vote in our poll
  • Blue bins and worm farms

Be sure to check your emails for the next issue delivered to your inbox on Sunday!

View the city’s future

CERA’s Visionarium, a mobile exhibition hub featuring information about rebuild projects and recovery initiatives, will be on campus from 27 July to 16 August.

The Visionarium includes details about anchor projects, private rebuild projects and recovery initiatives in greater Christchurch. It includes interactive multi-media displays, information to take away and a video booth where you can have your say on the city’s future.

The hub is staffed by Future Christchurch ambassadors and digital imagery in the Liquid Galaxy unit allows visitors to “fly through” the city to visualise future developments. Rebuild documentaries and informational videos are also screened. You can also take photographs in the photo booth to print into bookmarks!

So check it out! The Visionarium will be open seven days from10am-5pm (late night 29 July to 9pm) and will be located in the UCSA car park (next to the Events Centre).


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