UCMe – The story of its making

UCMe websnap

If you haven’t seen already, the University’s official website has been changed, changed to faces of students, each showcasing their own story  and journey through UC.

I highly recommend that you read every profile, if possible,  I’m still getting through the list myself! Every individual has their own story and that one unique experience that just has to be shared. The stories are precise and the faces are captivating, but what they don’t reveal is the making of it and the process behind compiling all the faces and stories of the campaign.

I was fortunate enough again to be part of this captivating campaign with  other students whose stories just don’t fail to impress. Being a part of it means I have first hand knowledge of how it all came together (so you can really trust  your source now).

It started out with an initial screening of 45 students who were then narrowed down to 20. The screening consisted of a mugshot with  a questionnaire  to go with it. These questionnaires and faces were then put together and the best, most inspiring 20 were showcased.

Other than the website, these images are going  be circulated on billboards across town. Key locations include the Airport, Blenheim Road, Papanui and one right on campus by University Drive! So keep an eye out, you may just find a mate on there.

So if you haven’t read the stories yet, get going! They are all truly inspirational and give great insights into what UC has to offer.

Read all the profiles on the UCMe website!

What’s happened in the last week?

Did you check your UC live email last night?
The weekly Insider’s Guide email was delivered and included some of the following…
  • Win an emergency torch radio siren
  • Find your way around campus
  • Check out last week’s graduation photos
  • Check out the recipes for home made muesli and frittatas!
  • UCSA Anzac Day service

Be sure to check your emails for the next issue delivered to your inbox on Sunday!

What’s the Haps?! 20th-26th April

This is the last week of holidays so no doubt you will want to make the most of it! There are a few things happening this week that you won’t want to miss.

Tuesday 21st:

Saturday 25th:  

  • ANZAC Day Service. The UCSA will host an ANZAC Day Service on campus in the quad between Matariki and Puaka-James Hight (main Library steps). This is a chance for students, staff and local residents to come together to honour the incredible sacrifice and contribution of all those who have served in warfare. Come along and remember them.
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