Old-fashioned is the new fashion

As a 21 year old I personally turn my nose up at a watery hot mug of instant coffee. I seriously could not think of anything worse to start my morning with at 7.30am.

I am a self-confessed coffee snob. There’s just something about the smooth caramel coloured crema that’s squeezed out of freshly tamped coffee grounds.

This is old-fashioned though. Coffee is a seriously dated phenomenon. After seeds from a fruit that grew in the Yemeni desert were first roasted and found to have incredible “wake up” properties, coffee soon became the buzz word in 15th century Mecca.

The time-consuming act of brewing a coffee was kicked to the curb in the twentieth century when people could not get enough of the instant coffee craze. It was just so, well, instant!

Instant coffee may be the latest technology but the old-fashioned way of creating the stuff that makes me human is the best.


As a person who regularly cuts shapes on sweaty nightclub dance floors, I much prefer putting a vinyl record on with my dad and having a boogie to the booming tunes.

It amazes me how many tweeny teens comb through hundreds of faded record covers in music and second-hand stores.

Who cares about instantly available digital or streaming music when you could be getting up every few tracks to flip over a record, right?

Just as mum and dad thought they would never catch up with what is “hip”, they have suddenly become the expert.


As a yo-pro trying to impress in the professional workplace, I very rarely buy brand new clothes.

Op-shops are my absolute go-to. According to my flatmate last year, my wardrobe could practically trade as an op-shop on its own.

When you can find an over-sized blazer from the 80s, a killer pair of tan loafers, and a slick pencil skirt, who needs $200 miniskirts from overpriced brands anyway?

Today’s clothing fashions are really just a mish-mash of old fashions disguised by the price tag that says they are new.

I choose $2 clothing outlets every time.


So if you want to be fashionable, just listen to, drink, wear, and do stuff that is currently unfashionable. You will be a notable trendsetter in the time it takes to flick off a light switch and spend an evening in candle light.

Upcoming Recruitment Activity on Campus

The following events are happening over the next few weeks – if you are interested in meeting with these organisations make sure you come along.

  • Teaching Jobs London
  • UC Education Careers Fair
  • Cookie Time Summer Recruitment
  • IPENZ Networking Event
  • CPA/Accounting Society Meet the Professionals Event
  • Goodman Fielder Graduate Recruitment Programme
  • Communication Agencies Association of New Zealand (CAANZ)
  • Vodafone Graduate Recruitment
  • Disney International Programs

You can find more information on these sessions, and other upcoming events, on UC CareerHub.

How are your grades tracking?

Exam results will be out tomorrow (10 July) and now is a good time to think about how your studies are going.

At the end of each semester, the University also takes a look at the academic progress of all students. Academic transcripts are reviewed at this time to make sure students are on track to succeed in their studies and are going to meet the professional requirements of their chosen degree. If you aren’t heading in the right direction, restrictions can be placed on your enrolment or you can be excluded from your Award/Faculty/UC.

If, through this review process, you have been identified as needing help with your studies, you will receive a letter in your student email on 16 July – so be sure to check your UC student email for more information!

If you do receive a letter and would like to appeal any decisions made under the review of academic progress, you need to submit your appeal by 12pm, Monday 20 July.

You can find out more about the academic review process on the Academic Services website, which also lists a wide range of resources to help you get awesome results in your studies.

Remember, there are a lot of people on campus who are here to help you make your time at UC a success. If you would like to talk to someone about your studies, contact your College student advisor, UC Student Development advisors, the Academic Skills Centre, or student advisors within the Māori Development and Pacific Development teams. You can also contact the UCSA’s Advocacy and Welfare team for assistance.

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