The UC student experience: 1911-40

Click to watch the UC student experience from 1911-40

Click to watch the UC student experience from 1911-40

Since our establishment in 1873, UC has offered its students a unique and exciting student experience, you might say it’s the time of your life

This week’s video is number two in the series. We take a look at what life at UC was like from 1911-40.

A lot of historical events happened during this period. WW1 began and ended in this time, and WW2 began near the end. It’s hard to imagine what life would have been like during those times, which makes it all-the-more fascinating to see these incredible photos from the UC archives!

Remember, you can be part of the story by uploading your photos to UC Now!

National Volunteer Week: Co-curricular Record Activity Spotlight – Class Representatives

Here’s today’s Co-curricular Record Activity Spotlight for Day 3 of NZ’s National Volunteer Week.

Many of you will have heard your lecturers ask for volunteers to be a Class Representative for your course. Here’s a quick explanation as to what the role involves.

There is one Class Rep for every course at UC, sometimes more if your course is large, and each receives training from the UCSA. Whenever a student might have an issue with the teaching of the course, or if they have any feedback, the Class Rep acts as the go-to for students to anonymously raise this with your lecturer. At the end of the course, Class Reps organise a survey and report their findings to the UCSA to improve its quality.

Being a Class Rep can get you recognised on a Co-curricular Record and through a UCSA certificate if you meet all the requirements!

If you’re a first-year undergrad and plan to or are considering volunteering as a Class Rep in one of your courses next Semester, read more information on the CCR website:

You can also check out other activities on the CCR website and find out how to register:

Libraries across campus

It’s bad enough that it is exam time and this chilly winter we are having simply isn’t helping!  There are a number of libraries across campus that you can visit to do you study and also keep warm.

The Central Library (Puaka James Hight) is not the only library on campus. There are heaps of other options if you want to get away from the crowds of the Central Library.

On the Ilam Campus options include:

1. Engineering and Physical Sciences Library(EPS)  – popularly known as the “Engg. Library”

2. MacMillan brown Library on Arts Road  – this is one library where you almost instantly find a spot without wasting much time.

On Dovedale, there’s The Education Library and is a great option for Sonada residents as it saves them the walk in this cold across Ilam Fields.

There are plenty of other study spaces on campus, and they can be found here and refer to this article for a more comprehensive description of options. 

Keep warm and go hard everyone!

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