Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori 2015

Tena koutou! Next week is Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori – Māori Language Week – and UC will celebrate with a wide range of events and activities on campus.

The theme this year is Whāngaihia te reo Māori ki ngā Mātua – supporting parents to pass te reo on to their tamariki/children.

If you’re keen to get involved, you can pick up a free UC te reo resource pack from the Māori Development Team reception in the Te Ao Mārama building, the Puaka-James Hight Library or the Henry Field Library at Dovedale. You can also access a wide range of resources on Learn.

The week will be launched at 9.30am on 27 Hōngongoi/July in the Puaka-James Hight Library where Te Akatoki Kapa Haka will perform waiata tautoko. You can find out what else is happening on campus here. You can also follow the national week of celebrations on Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori on Facebook.


Blue Bins and Worm Farms


As Semester Two starts you’ll notice more Blue Bins for take-away cups around campus! These bins are part of our initiative to reduce waste going to landfill. All take-away cups collected in the Blue Bins are taken off-site for composting. This will be Phase II of a trial to test the system and this trial will end in December 2016.

It is extremely important that only cups are placed in these bins. No pie wrappers, or bottles or any other contaminant. While we do sort the cups before we send them away, we need that process to be very fast and efficient in order for our trial to receive funding. Please help us keep this project going by telling your mates about it and not to contaminate the bins!

What happens to the cups in the Blue Bins? These cups are sorted on site to make sure there is no contamination in them. So far contamination is minimal, which is great. Then they are taken out to the Selwyn District Council’s HotRot facility by Rolleston where they are put through a mechanical composting system with other compostable waste products and turned into compost for your garden.

Why can’t we just put them in the green bins? Coffee cups must not go in the green organics bins. The contents of green bins go to a composting plant that cannot process takeaway cups (even if they say they are ‘compostable’). Coffee cups in the blue hooded bins are sent to a different composting facility that is able to compost them.

So why don’t we send all our organics waste to the composter that can do it all? Because of our contractual arrangements with our waste services provider, it is not economically efficient to do this. We are working together to find a solution that will work for everyone.

What about composting them on-site? We have been exploring options to do this for a number of years. We are currently looking into large scale worm composting. Wouldn’t it be marvellous to use the compost in the community gardens, for example? Or use it to grow salad greens and herbs to make student lunches? We think so too. But we need to get a back end system in place first that works (hence our trial), we need more physical space than is currently available (due to remediation works) and we may require some capital (which will not be available for a couple of years).

What difference does it make? We estimate that the UC community produces more than five tonnes of waste from coffee cups alone every year. So in the first instance, that’s five tonnes we can keep out of Kate Valley Landfill. However, the beauty of this initiative is that it means we may be able to shift from using plastic plates, sushi containers, trays, burger clams etc, etc, etc to compostable alternatives, that could then all be put into the Blue Bins. We are setting up a system to help us deal with a much bigger waste issue than many people realise.

So, thank you again for helping us to make this work. It’s a step towards closing our waste loop and leaving the world better than how we found it!

Keep up to date with Sustainability news at UC through our Facebook page. Or through our website.

What’s the haps?!

We are onto the last week of Winterlude with lots of awesome events still to happen!

Monday 27 July: Monday Movie Night: Sci Fi Night – (SciFi Soc) – Guardians of the Galaxy. Doors open from 8:00pm at C2 (Central Lecture Theaters).  Gold Coin Donation.

Wednesday 29 July: The NZ Police are running a couple of UVMarking sessions in The Undercroft during lunch (11.30am-1.30pm). You can bring in your personal property (laptops/phs/cameras/anything of considerable value) & it will be marked with a small amount of an invisible solution with a unique DNA code. Visible under ultra-violet light, the code identifies the property owner in the event of theft, thus making it harder for thieves and receivers of stolen goods to avoid the law.
Winterlude Night Market: The UCSA is bringing back the Night Market as a part of our Winterlude Celebrations to kick off the second Semester for 2015. Similar to the Winter Wonderland Market but alot bigger, the 2015 Night Market brings you some of the best entertainment, deals and treats you can hope for!

Thursday 30 July: : Danish singer and songwriter MØ is a breakthrough artist taking the music scene by storm! Thanks to the UCSA MØ is coming toUC for an exclusive New Zealand show! MØ, along with a 7 piece band will be coming to the UCSA Events Centre on Thursday 30th July for the last night of Winterlude 2015!

Friday 31 July: Feminism, Politics and the University: brought to you by UC FemSoc & UC College of Arts: This panel is designed to bring together those who are studying and involved in politics. Each speaker will present for 10 minutes, and a Q&A will follow. The Q&A session should finish around 6.30pm, and will be followed by nibbles until 8pm. This is a Free Public event.

Saturday 1 August: Revolution Uni Ski Trip: The snow is looking awesome this winter so Revolution Uni is hitting the slopes!
Connect the Community #2: Described by many as ‘a bloody good time’, Connect the Community is a day of giving back! Join 150 volunteers as we transform a neighborhood. You go free food, bar-tab and free warm-fuzzies. It’s a win-win!

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