Have a blast this summer!

This summer is your opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, hang out with friends and family, and bathe in the sun! Here’s 5 insider’s guide tips for summer fun…

1. New years: whether it’s a getaway with some friends, a concert, or just a chill night with the fam, make it a night to remember! If you don’t have plans there is always a FREE New Year’s Eve event in Hagley Park which I’ve heard really kicks off once the Irish music starts!
2. Head into town and explore the botanical gardens:  chill out in the sun on Lazy Sundays listening to the sounds of local performers, or take a stroll through the rose gardens. Kayaking along the Avon is also an inexpensive and fun activity on a hot day!
3. Summer Theatre: relive your childhood with a summer theatre performance of Peter Pan.  Every year I find myself returning to watch the summer theatre’s newest production, as it makes for such a nice (usually warm evening), and is even better if you bring a picnic! This year’s performance is at Riccarton Bush, and is FREE which is even more of a bonus. There is also a performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth held in the Mona Vale Gardens, tickets are $10-$12.
4. A Very Merry Scriptless: anyone who has seen the Court Theatre’s Scared Scriptless will understand just how hilarious improv comedy can be. To get you into the jolly Christmas spirit why not go to the Christmas themed show? Get in early as tickets sell out fast!
5. Cricket World Cup: I’m sure all you cricket fans are excited for the beginning of the 2015 cricket world cup (right here in CHCH!). The cup which is being jointly hosted by New Zealand and Australia will showcase the world’s 14 best teams in a 44 day competition. See if you can grab some tickets!

Whatever you plan to do this summer make sure you make lots of memories, take heaps of photos and have a lovely Christmas break!

Affordable, simple meals

It’s summer and for those of you trying your hand at cooking, you could try these recipes.

Pan-fried chicken with spinach & cheese

Ingredients: chicken breast, spinach, cheese, salt, pepper and lemon

1. Season the chicken with salt and pepper to taste

2. Make a slit in the chicken to create a pouch

3. Fill it with cheese and spinach

4. Cook the chicken evenly on both sides on a high heat pan

5. Drizzle some lemon juice

There you go, you have a healthy and tasty meal in just 5 simple steps.

For dessert, here’s a simpler recipe…

Chocolate croissants

Ingredients:  Ready made croissants, a bar of your favourite chocolate

1. Slice a croissant in half

2. Break some chocolate off the bar and crush it into small chunks

3.  Put the chocolate chunks into the croissant and place it into an oven for 3 minutes

The chocolate melts and you have yourself the quickest, most inexpensive and rather tasty dessert in no time!

Quick Summer Getaways

If you’re in Christchurch this summer either studying or working and need a quick break from it, this can probably help (these options qualify as out-of-town but are just a few hours away hence making them the perfect quick get away).

Akaroa and Lyttelton, both port towns are seriously worth your time! Either drive there with your mates and have a great road trip or conveniently catch a shuttle. You can go on walking tours, hikes, get a taste of the local food, swim or simply sit back and take in the view. Both these places are famous for their cruises and private dolphin swim sessions; it’s rather expensive on a student budget, but it’s worth the money.

Another great location is the Port Hills. Once you’re there, you can claim that you’ve seen all of Christchurch as it’s a perfect way to view the entire city standing in just one spot. You can bike there or again, drive with your mates and make a fun little road trip out of it.

Visit Akaroa and Lyttelton  and make a day of it and drive up to the Port Hills in the evening and spend the night camping. Even better, combine all of them and you’ve got yourself a fun, inexpensive weekend.

If you’ve visited any of these places, plan to, or have any suggestions, feel free to comment as I’d love to hear all about it.




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