Libraries across campus

It’s bad enough that it is exam time and this chilly winter we are having simply isn’t helping!  There are a number of libraries across campus that you can visit to do you study and also keep warm.

The Central Library (Puaka James Hight) is not the only library on campus. There are heaps of other options if you want to get away from the crowds of the Central Library.

On the Ilam Campus options include:

1. Engineering and Physical Sciences Library(EPS)  – popularly known as the “Engg. Library”

2. MacMillan brown Library on Arts Road  – this is one library where you almost instantly find a spot without wasting much time.

On Dovedale, there’s The Education Library and is a great option for Sonada residents as it saves them the walk in this cold across Ilam Fields.

There are plenty of other study spaces on campus, and they can be found here and refer to this article for a more comprehensive description of options. 

Keep warm and go hard everyone!

Delayed start to today’s exams

Due to icy road conditions in Christchurch a decision has been made to delay the start of morning examinations until 10am.

Afternoon examinations will go ahead as scheduled.

Students are urged to take care travelling to and from University.

Dr Hamish Cochrane
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic)

National Volunteer Week: Co-curricular Record Activity Spotlight – Student Volunteer Army

We’re now onto Day 2 of NZ’s National Volunteer Week, and our second volunteer activity spotlight!

Student Volunteer Army students know there are a lot of different things they can get involved in with our world-famous UCSA club. On the Co-curricular Record, first-year undergrads can sign up to four different categories of volunteer groups.

The first available are SVA Big Event Members. These volunteers work within the SVA’s bigger events on campus – examples being the Random Acts of Kindness Week with a range of different activities, the Colour Run and Connect the Community.

Next are SVA Third Party Volunteers. Joining this activity will have you carrying out a wide variety of tasks requested by local organisations in Christchurch where needed as representatives of the SVA. Past activities included working with Youthline, Red Cross and Gap Filler.

SVA Weekend Project Members work directly with Christchurch locals when they need assistance. This role guarantees you some interesting and rewarding weekends, with some examples of tasks being beach clean-ups, painting fences and gardening.

Finally, one of the more world-famous roles goes to the SVA Disaster Relief Members. These volunteers assist where needed in response to disasters – most notably in light of the Christchurch earthquakes, and recent fundraising for Nepal.

Now that you know what’s available, feel free to sign up for one or two (or all!) on the Co-curricular Record so you can have these experiences noted down on your Record!

Check out these activities and others on the CCR website and find out how to register:

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