Don’t fall into the start of semester cruise trap

The start of a new semester always seems so cruisy; due dates and assignments feel so far off and there are so many exciting things to distract yourself from them around campus…

DO NOT fall into this trap!

Use this ‘cruisy’ time to make use of some of the University’s resources and get prepared for your assignments and exams before they rain down on you (like they always do all at once).

A great way to stay on top of your studies before they catch up on you is to make use of the Academic Skills Centre located on Level 3 of the Central Library and the ground floor of Education Library. They hold some great seminars for you to get involved in and can help you prepare academically for courses by going through the steps of how to write a strong academic essay.

Pop in and see them today and book in for their next session.

Still time to embrace Maori Language Week!

The University celebrated Māori Language Week 2014 with an opening ceremony followed by a different event each day, including language classes. The week included fun and engaging activities like week long scavenger hunts, debates and cultural immersion sessions.

Those who made it, enjoyed it to the fullest. Fortunately, there’s still a chance for those who missed out to learn about the culture and traditions of a race  that formed Aoteroa (New Zealand) as we know it today. Some useful online resources on how to speak te reo can be found here.

Until the 28th of July, an exhibition of religious, educational and traditional material, dating from the 1800s to the present day will be on display, on level 2 of the Central Library. Make some time to visit the exhibit and embrace a new culture, learn new things or simply visit to be proud of your heritage.

Te Kupu o Te Wiki Māori Language Week

Te Kupu o Te Wiki Māori Language Week

Maori Language Week at UC

Hello- Kia ora
This week from the 21st-27th of July is Māori Language Week. At Canterbury University during the week many interesting and fun events will celebrate Māori language and demonstrate the importance of Māori culture within New Zealand. These events include: Bingo, a debate session, Kapahaka, and Māori language classes. Other events will run throughout the week such as a daily scavenger hunt with mystery prizes from Monday (Rāhina) 21st to Friday (Rāmere) 25th! Also be sure to check out the Library Exhibition on level two of James Hight which showcases Māori words for the week.
To find out more information about all the events online read more at

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