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We caught the transformation of an unexciting white fence into a colourful work of art that reflects what we’re all about here at the University of Canterbury: Whāia te mātauranga, meaning pursue knowledge. This is just one of many transformation initiatives occurring on our beautiful Christchurch campus in 2015.

Student wardrobe makeover!

As Semester One is just about to kick off I feel that some student-to-student fashion advice is in order! It’s important that your wardrobe contains a few key pieces, and its even more important that they don’t break the bank! So I’m going to provide you with a list of what I think are essential items for any student.

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1. A comfortable pair of shoes:
I’m definitely into fashion and I love shoes. But when I’m getting shoes to wear to university I have to know that they’re going to be comfortable to wear while walking around campus all day. My go-to shoes are a standard pair of low-cut converse. Nothing beats sneakers when you’re running late to a lecture!

2. A sturdy bag:
I always have loads to fit into my bag, so I need something strong which will hold it all in. I usually find that a good old backpack does the trick. But you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort–get a bag with a cool pattern, or do it yourself with some fabric paint and badges. While sometimes you may have to pay a little bit more to get a good quality bag it’s a necessity for me.

3. A raincoat or umbrella:
Christchurch’s weather is known for going through four seasons in a day, so it’s no surprise that these two items are on my list. Personally I find that my umbrellas usually can’t stand up to the Christchurch wind! So I’ll often pack a raincoat into my bag instead just in case.

4. A scarf:
When I bike off to university in the morning I always take a scarf! It’s great to have something warm to wrap round your neck during the day, and I find that it really keeps the colds at bay.

5. A comfy gym outfit:
I find that when I have nice clothes to wear to the gym I’m more likely to be motivated to go. Gym pants are also great to chuck on when you’re running late and don’t have time to plan an outfit. No-one has to know if you actually went to the gym!

The rest of your wardrobe choices are up to you. One of the best things about university is the freedom to wear whatever you like, without the restrictions of a school uniform! Show off your personal style and wear clothes how you like!

Free Cricket World Cup opening event

Did you know that Christchurch is hosting the opening of the ICC Cricket World Cup for 2015? You’ll want to be there, this Thursday the 12th of February from 6.30-10.30pm in North Hagley Park, when the celebrations kick off! This is a free community concert, and entertainment extravaganza you won’t want to miss!

  • Chill out to music from: Shapeshifter, Hayley Westenra, Sol3Mio, Ginny Blackmore, and other performers.
  • Experience Christchurch’s biggest ever fireworks display and amazing light display
  • Enjoy being a part of a backyard cricket match with local teams, Kiwi players and entertainers
  • Grab a bite to eat from the various food trucks
  • Watch International cultural groups and Kapa Haka performances.

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