Proud to be at UC- UC retains ranking in top 3% of world

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The latest QS World University Rankings show that Canterbury is listed as the 242nd ranked university in the world. While this may not seem like the top of the bunch, when you examine the numbers – there are around 17,000 universities worldwide – this is pretty awesome! Canterbury has also improved from its rating in 2006 of 333rd in the world. This just shows that the rebuilding of various facilities and structures on campus is really paying off.

Additionally, out of 3,000 university’s all over the world, UC is rated in the top 100 for History, Geography, Law, Education, Civil and Structural Engineering. Vice Chancellor Dr Rod Carr said that “For the university to retain its position in the top three per cent is a credit to the quality and commitment of staff considering the impact of the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes”.

As Canterbury continues to move forward the future for our university looks bright! Read more

Need some help?

Wow, it’s hard for me to believe that it’s already the last term of the final year in my undergraduate degree! Because it’s nearing the end of the year, it really is crunch time and I know that I’m feeling the stress, so I assume many others are in the same boat. Often stress can be managed by creating organised study plans, and taking breaks to exercise and see friends. However sometimes it can all become too much, and whether you are stressed out, or just feeling a bit out of kilter, it’s okay to seek help.

The University Student Support Centre at Level 2 of James Height is available to students either by appointment, or just by dropping by. They can help you if (among other issues)…

  • You’re feeling overloaded with work
  • You’re new to the city or uni
  • You’re confused about a uni policy
  • You aren’t enjoying your courses
  • You’re having issues with a lecturer or student
  • You’re not sure why things are going wrong, or
  • You just need someone to talk to.

The Student Support Centre is a FREE and confidential advisory service for all UC students, and their doors are always open. If you don’t feel ready to go in and talk then feel free to give them a call!

What’s The Haps?!

Monday 29th:

Thursday 2nd:

  • If you want to know why the tiles in the Undercroft are so slippery, or about more serious issues including the Student Levy, and prices of services at uni then head along to The Living Room at 12.00pm to the Student Forum with the Vice Chancellor.
  • UC School of Music is holding a lunchtime concert in their Music Recital Room 205 with performances from many fabulous piano students. This FREE event could be just the relaxing study break you need!

Saturday 4th:

  • The Blues Awards 2014 Ceremony to celebrate sporting excellence at UC will be held this evening at 7.00pm in the UCSA Events Centre.  Olympic Medalist Sarah Walker will also be present as a guest speaker. Ticket details are yet to be announced. Keep an eye on this page for updates.
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