Honours Students’ Research on Practicability of Free Bus Services

Dr Glen Koorey, Na Zhou, Matt Wilkins

Dr Glen Koorey, Na Zhou, Matt Wilkins

UC students Matt Wilkins and Na Zhou are carrying out research to investigate the feasibility of free bus services for Christchurch students. This study is supervised by Dr Glen Koorey who is a member of the Christchurch Passenger Transport Advisory Group. This research follows up a similar project from 2005 by another UC postgrad student. The students of this year’s study have designed a survey which will act as a census for travel to University and inform their findings. Read more at: http://www.comsdev.canterbury.ac.nz/rss/news/?feed=news&articleId=1417

There are many bus routes around campus for students which makes it a convenient and relatively cheap form of travel. A few other benefits as listed on UC’s Sustainability  website include: no hassle trying to find and pay for a parking spot, no stress dealing with bad drivers on the road, more time to catch up on study and a quick mode of travel as buses have priority on the roads. Look up more about bussing to UC here: http://www.sustain.canterbury.ac.nz/transport/bus.shtml


World Press Photo Competition

After 56 years, the World Press Photo Exhibition is finally in Christchurch for the very first time and is proudly hosted by our university.

The exhibition is a product of  worldwide  contests in press photography that aims to recognise outstanding visual storytelling. There are 130 photographs on display this year that were selected from 90,000 submitted photographs by 5754 photographers across nine categories.

In case it has missed your eye (it’s hard to miss though) the exhibition is on Level 2 of the Central Library in between the two elevator wings.

The images capture various aspects of life, each with its own perspective that is open to varied interpretation.  It is a grey maze that mounts the photos and includes visuals of war, wildlife, iconic sports moments and then there are some that will have a lasting effect on you and make you walk away with a deep and profound thought.

The exhibition has been on display since the beginning of this month and is scheduled to close on 22 August 2014. So, there’s still a chance for you to see it if you haven’t already. Also, it’s free; there are no viewing fees. Now, who in their right mind misses out on free stuff?

Events for Week 6 of Semester 2

Tuesday 19th:

  • Are you interested in the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) and how it relates to the election this year? Head along to the Undercroft at 1pm this Tuesday to a public meeting held by UCPols. The speakers at the meeting include: John Minto, Lois McClintock, Denis Tegg, Russel Norman, Mike Treen, Thomas Beagle and Murray Horton.

Wednesday 20th:

Friday 22th:

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