Shock X factor result…

X Factor season 2 is over and done with and the final result was unexpected…

I don’t think Beau should have won. But I was content with the final three: Brendon Thomas and the Vibes, Nyssa and Beau. For a show that typically favours mainstream pop acts, I think the diversity of the top 3 (a rock band, a beat boxer/singer and a soul artist) was pretty cool. However, I must admit I was gutted at the loss of Finlay (way too early!) and also Stevie, who I thought were sure to make it to the final.

Anyway, I had a theory going into the grand final: BT and the V would suit coming either 2nd or 3rd. I think that winning the show often isn’t the best way to begin a professional music career, especially if you’re a band like BT and the V who wouldn’t really benefit from being signed to do an album of covers – they’re best when they do what they want to do. Hopefully their consistent performance on the show gets them signed with an appropriate record label that allows them the freedom to create their own music – that would be awesome. So good result there.

I was happy with the idea of Beau coming either 2nd or 3rd too, for similar reasons. It was clear that Beau often struggled taking direction from his mentor Natalie, and was often pushed to perform songs that clearly didn’t sit well with him. Because of this, I don’t see him fitting in well with his Sony record deal and the inevitable influence they’ll have on his music.

The final part of my theory was that Nyssa should win. She undeniably had an exceptional voice, and she fit the criteria for being a ‘good winner’ of the show. She took guidance and constructive criticism well, and was willing to try many different genres with consistent success. I think she had the right kind of talent and the right attitude to win.

In saying that…when we heard Nyssa and Beau’s would-be debut singles, I have to say I was so disappointed with Nyssa’s! The song, written by Stan Walker, was way too poppy and cheesy for Nyssa. It just didn’t suit her. And Beau’s was pretty cool – at least it was an original. Perhaps that made the difference in the end.

So there you go, another season down…will there be a third? Probably. Will they pick better judges/mentors next time? Hopefully! Let me know who you think should have won in the comments below!

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