Student forum with the Vice-Chancellor

Come to the Student Forum with the Vice-Chancellor and have your say!

This Wednesday (20 May) the student forum with the Vice-Chancellor will be happening in the Undercroft from 12-1pm.

Come along and ask the Vice-Chancellor any question you like!

Note: It will be filmed and put on line afterwards and there will be an online forum so students can send in questions if they are not able to attend.

What’s happened in the last week?

The weekly Insider’s Guide email was delivered and included some of the following…  

  • Prince Harry of Wales was on campus last week!
  • PB, jam and banana toastie recipe
  • Don’t forget you can download Office 365 for free!
  • Did you know it is Faretrade Fortnight
  • Win one of six re-reusable coffee cups.

Be sure to check your emails for the next issue delivered to your inbox on Sunday!

21 Day International Challenge – Week 2 Michael

Michael M Michael McRae  from Team 6

Another week done and dusted.

There’s something about the way a team comes together in these types of competitions. It’s been almost two weeks now, and more often than not I have found myself googling “poverty”, “Philippines”, and “typhoons” in lectures instead of actually listening to commentary about different pieces of legislation. This isn’t because the content is boring, or the lecturer doesn’t engage me, but more due to the fact that you’re serving a life-changing purpose. 

You’re in a competition where you can’t fail your other group members. All five of us possess very different skill sets, ranging from a Masters Statistics student, to an experienced church missionary – and boy do these skills come in handy! It’s not the stock-standard group assignment where you’re let down by other members of the group. We all have specialised skills and want to be in this competition, so there’s this underlying loyalty to the group and drive to help each other.

At the time of writing it is smack bang in the middle of the competition. It’s crunch time. All ideas have been tabled, mock business proposals have been presented, healthy discussion has taken place, and numerous unhealthy packets of Toffee Pops have been demolished. And I love it. 

Tonight, as we head into the final 10 days of the challenge, we have a meet and greet with the Philippine Society from UC which will be a fantastic opportunity to engage and learn about their culture and way of life. 

Catch you next week!

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