21 Day International Challenge – Week 2

Ashley StewartAshley Stewart 

Where has the time gone? One week left to go! It certainly is a challenge, which is exactly what I was looking for when I signed up for this. The best way to learn, I’ve found, is to throw yourself in the deep end. Sink or swim. So far we are swimming and learning lots. Lots about the Philippine community, plus a broad range of other areas as we dive head first into investigations. Just when we think we’ve narrowed our options down another idea will surface.

We’ve recruited the aid of our mentors to act as a sounding wall for ideas, offer methods to select and rule out options, and put us in touch with a range of useful contacts. So far they have been extremely helpful and the group itself is working as efficiently as a tightly run ship. The other teams might think they have what it takes but we’re not going down without a fight!


An Ode to Ollie the Owl

Cafe 101 and Reboot have a reputation around campus for providing great quality coffee and awesome service. What I discovered this morning (while sipping my double-shot start to the day) is that they also have the most entertaining coffee cups!Check out this cool Ode to Ollie the Owl…

Ollie the Owl by Mulga
Ollie the Owl by Mulga (BioCup Art Series)
An Ode to Ollie the Owl

My name is Ollie and I’m a big ole owl
I’m awake at night and in the darkness I prowl

My eyes are lazy but my neck is crazy
It turns 270 degrees up in them trees

Everyone thinks that I’m really wise
Is it because of my oversized eyes?

Now stare into those eyes and make an owl sound
And then lift your gaze and peer around

You’ve transformed into an owl sitting high in a tree
Or maybe you’re just an oddball who’s hooting like me

The end.

By Mulga (part of the BioCup Art Series)

What’s the haps?! 18th-24th May

There’s a great variety of events coming up this week!

Tuesday 19th:

  • Media and Communication research seminar: 12-1pm in 611A, Locke. PhD candidate Martina Wengenmeir will be presenting her research, ‘Communication patterns following disaster: How Facebook pages tell the story of the Canterbury earthquakes’.
  • TP Fundraising Quiz Night: 7.30-10pm at Robbie’s Riccarton. Te Pūtairiki will be hosting a night of entertainment that only a quiz can bring! $20 for a team of 4 or 5.

Wednesday 20th:

Friday 22nd:

  • From Hieroglyphs to Text Messages: A Short History of Writing: ending Friday 22nd, lower concourse, first floor Matariki. See the exhibition that features ancient antiquities from UC’s Logie Memorial Collection.
  • Revolution Dodgeball Tournament: 6.30-9pm, Howzat Indoor Sports, 4 Matipo St. Revolution Uni are holding the 2015 Dodgeball championship. Teams must have 6-8 members with at least 2 girls. $30 per team, or $5 for individual entry. Click the link to register.

Saturday 23rd:

  • City Care Connect the Community: 8.30am-2pm, free transport from the UCSA carpark to Phillipstown and back. Spend a day giving back – click here to register. Hosted by the SVA: transform a neighbourhood and enjoy a free BBQ and free warm-fuzzies!
  • La Tormenta Latina presented by UCanDance: 8pm-12am, The Woolston Club, 43 Hargood St. There’s a Latin Storm closing in…grab your friends, join the whrilwind and enjoy a great night of Latin dance! Click the link for tickets, $15 for students, $17 non-students, $20 door.
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