Book Giveaway

The library is organising ‘Book Giveaways’ during 2015 to give you the opportunity to obtain withdrawn books for your personal collection.

Next Date: Friday 13 March
Time: 2.15 pm – 3 pm.
Venue: Level 3, North side, Central Library,  Puaka-James Hight building.

The new owner is the first person who wants the book.  Please bring your own bags to take the books away.

A book is in the giveaway because:

  • It no longer meets the demands of the course or research it was purchased for; or
  • Fewer copies of the title are now required; or
  • It is damaged and has been replaced; or
  • It was donated but does not meet the “in scope” criteria for Learning, Teaching and Research at UC.


Take control of your assessment

If you’re new to UC this year, you may have noticed assessments can look a bit different from what you’re used to. Stay one step ahead of your classmates by coming to some free Academic Skills Centre workshops and seminars. Topics include essay and report writing, time management, note taking, presentation skills, grammar and punctuation, and basic mathematics and statistics. We’re also offering targeted workshops for Honours students, thesis writers and adult students. Workshops start from 23 February.

International Welcome 2015

A Clubs Day at Canterbury
A Clubs Day at Canterbury

It’s time again to welcome all new international students to the University of Canterbury and this year’s International  Welcome is bigger and better than ever! With a new format this year, UC is gearing up for the welcome scheduled for Tuesday 17 February in C1 Lecture Theatre. 

The day-long event begins at 9am for study abroad and exchange students and 9.20am for all other internationals and is open to new/ freshers only. It’s crucial that you register for the event.

The day begins with you being sorted into teams, followed by a series of speakers, lunch and then group discussions before heading off on a bus tour into the city.

Personally, I recommend that all international students attend this event as it kick starts your time at UC in the best way possible. You get to  meet other people who are in the same boat as you are, faculty members and most importantly meet people who may end up being some of your best friends!

This year I get to experience  orientation on the other end of the scale by being a student leader and am looking forward to the experience and seeing you all there!

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