Look after yourself, your mates (and call your mother some time)

Call your mother some time
Luke’s Dad.

There are some exciting improvements occurring around campus at the moment but as you’d expect, there’s more of a hazard risk with the increased mix of pedestrians, skateboarders, cyclists and moving vehicles. We want you to stay safe so please take extra care when moving about campus. We’ve also made a pretty good guess that your parents want you to stay safe too so you may notice some new signs appear by construction zones around campus (like the image displayed on the right). Take a look at these signs and see what other messages parents have for you.

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Ever considered going global?

A university education gives you more than just a degree; it makes you realise who you are, tests you and gives you a new perspective on life by molding you into a more evolved being with a range of experiences. If attending university at home can give you so much, imagine the endless possibilities an overseas exchange can offer!

Going overseas, stepping out of you comfort zone and facing both new and exciting challenges in a foreign land provides you with a valuable and diverse range of skill sets that will set you apart from the crowd and last you a lifetime. Fortunately, here at UC there are many options for you to choose from. Whatever experience you’re after, there are more than fifty partner universities that could meet your needs.

Why wait till the end of your degree to go abroad, meet new people and have new experiences when you can do it right now in a safe and supportive environment. Fancy new cultures, exotic food and architecture? Pick a university in Europe. Business minded and looking for experience in the real world whilst having a good time? Pick one of the renowned partner business schools in Asia. Don’t know where to start? Consult the University’s International Relations office and they are sure to sort you out.

Be brave, take a leap of faith and get ready to discover yourself by setting foot in a new country that is sure to leave you mesmerized with all its beauty and a new you; because you get only one life and only you can make it count.

UC students’ supersonic rocket breaks world’s highest altitude

Milly, UC rocket
Milly, UC students’ rocket launched near Lake Tekapo.

The 740mm rocket Milly was launched near Lake Tekapo by the UC rocketry project and with help of PhD student George Buchanan. Once launched the rocket travelled so fast (over 2000 km) that it broke the sound barrier, which is 70m above ground. GPS showed that the rocket reached over 4889m to break the world record. UC runs New Zealand’s first and only rocket course, run under the supervision of computer engineering lecturer Chris Hann.

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