Selling the Dream: NZ Tourism Posters at the Museum

When: 5 – 9 April 2015

Where: Level 1, Canterbury Museum

Time: 9 am – 5 pm

Admission:  FREE

Selling the Dream is an exhibit of tourism posters depicting imagery that helped promote New Zealand to the world  up until the 1960’s. There are 50 posters on display, including lithographs and silk screen prints(I don’t even know what those mean!), a 15 minute documentary featuring art and it’s ways between the 1920s – 1960s and also short interviews.

The aim is to provide an insight into the history behind and the effort that went into promoting NZ to put it on the map and is probably why this will appeal mostly to  Art and History enthusiasts and international students at UC, including everyone who get s excited for everything like me.

Admission is free and there are no age restrictions.
Getting to the museum should be no problem  with options to bus, bike and of course drive. You can even walk if you live close by. The weather also seems to be kind, with no rains expected this week and it’s Easter break, so this can be something to do in your ample spare time. So really, everything is in your favor to go, just saying.

If you attend, make sure you tell us how it was!
Comment below with any pieces to look out for or pay particular attention to.

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