UC stars of the Christchurch Urban Astronomers Society

Two amazing UC students Ryan Ridden-Harper and Toby Hendy played a significant role in the development of the Christchurch Urban Astronomers Society. The society allows them to expand their interest of astronomy and share their passion with others from the Canterbury region. Both students study physics and mathematics at UC.  

Ryan and Toby had their story published on UC’s news site and in Chronicle.


Urban Astronomers
UC students Ryan Ridden-Harper and Toby Hendy (right) with sunscope.







Contact communications@canterbury.ac.nz if you have a story to tell.

Talented flautist Miho Wada

Talented flautist, Miho Wada, graduated UC with a music degree, and the skills to take her music to the next level. This year she has some major tours organised, for Japan and Canada, where she will be accompanied by a small jazz orchestra. In 2015, the following year, she is planning tours in the United Kingdom and United States. Here’s the full story…


Miho Wada
Miho Wada and her small jazz orchestra

Take a look here to find out more about studying music at UC.

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