Help getting a job…like a real adult!

If you’re out of pocket and looking for a job, there are plenty of opportunities through UC to find something which suits you. UC CareerHub is the perfect place to look for newly advertised jobs and positions available at UC; such as through the shops, and food outlets on campus. UC CareerHub also advertises internship and work experience opportunities which are extremely valuable in the eyes of future employers, and give you important skills for your not too distant future.  Not only does UC CareerHub advertise jobs, they also hold events on success, writing a good CV, preparing for a job interview and many more relevant topics.

Student Job Search is another great place to go for jobs which are specifically looking for students! As the homepage says “Employers hire graduates with work experience”, so go on apply and get earning some moolah! You can even create your own online account where you can add jobs to a watchlist, submit CVs to apply for positions, and receive email alerts about jobs you’re keeping an eye on.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself hired!

Student Jobs @ UC
Student Jobs @ UC


Winter is here, so is the flu

With winter coming down on us now, flu season is truly here. The Health Centre supplies free or subsidised vaccinations against the flu which is a great investment in your health this winter. It may not seem like it at first, but around campus flus and bugs spread like wildfire, so get immunised now before exam time to take the pressure off you and your health this semester. You can find the details on their website.

UC Health Centre offers flu vaccines
UC Health Centre offers flu vaccines


The University Community Gardens

If you have a green thumb a great way to help out the local community, is through the University’s Community Gardens.

UC Community Gardens
UC Community Gardens

Community gardens have a few important benefits:
1. You don’t need gardening experience to be involved as the hands on work will teach you as you go.
2. These gardens reinforce a sense of community, and allow people to connect with other individuals in their area.
3. They promote physical activity and a connection with the environment.
4. The gardens give people who are involved access to healthy organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. Mmm food…

What’s that you say? Enjoying the great outdoors, making new friends, and taking home healthy produce that you’ve grown yourself! Which you may or may not share with hungry flatmates…
It’s too good to be true. Ah but it isn’t, and anyone can become a volunteer! No wonder hippies are so happy!

There are two community gardens on the University campus needing your help. The first is Okeover Community Garden, located via the path leading from Engineering Rd, beside Okeover Stream. And don’t worry Dovedale, we didn’t forget about you guys this time! There is also a Community Garden on the Dovedale Campus via the road from Solway Avenue.

Check them out!

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