Where you could live:

So you’re moving into your grown-up life. But then the reality hits…where should you live? Well there are many accommodation options available. You could continue to live at home and bludge off your parentals, move into a university hall, go flatting, or board.

UC has eight accommodation options available to students.
1. Bishop Julius Hall: This is considered a ‘study hall’, with smaller numbers of students, meaning the program is more catered to you. However, it’s not all about hitting the books. Bishop Julius also has events during the year for you to let down your hair, including the annual ‘Bish Bash’ Ball! For this hall all meals are provided so you’ll never get the munchies.
Read more at http://bishopjulius.ac.nz/

2. College House: This hall sorts you into houses based on your personality and whether you value bravery, loyalty, intelligence or ambition. Or maybe that’s Harry Potter…but College House is kind of similar? Within the hall there are 10 separate houses each with their own identity. Inter-house competitions and events are an important aspect of College House.  Food is provided, and if like Iggy Azalea you’re soooo fancy (and already know) there are formal dinners Monday-Wednesday.
Check this hall out online at http://www.collegehouse.org.nz/

3. Ilam Apartments: Ilam Apartments allow for that transition from home to the adult world, while being only 5 minutes walk from campus. There are a range of apartment styles based on budget, and the Apartments are open all year round (which is great for you summer school kids!).  Facilities include two common spaces and the Hinau lawn- a regular chillax zone.
Find out more at http://www.ucastudentvillage.co.nz/the-village/your-room/Ilam-Apartments.html

4. Rochester and Rutherford: Otherwise known as R and R, Rochester and Rutherford is located closest to the UC campus.  For all you keen beans, tutors are available to assist you with your studies throughout the year and help you get the top marks you deserve! Three meals are provided a day to fill your tum! And being closest to campus also means easy access to the gym, library and Foundry.
Learn more at http://www.rochester-rutherford.org.nz/

5. Sonoda Campus: This is located over at the College of Education. The rooms in the complex are arranged into fully furnished apartments. These include: 5 bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen/dining area, which is already kitted out with all the necessary appliances and gadgets! Sonoda is especially suited to more mature students who are ready for full independence.
Interested to find out more? Look at http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/accom/halls/sonoda.shtml

6. University Hall: Uni Hall is all about working together, and making friends along the way. Students of similar interests are grouped together and participate in regular activities. These connections allow Uni Hall students to form strong support groups, and friends for life. The halls goal is that students will meet 50 new people within 24 hours of moving into the hall! SO MANY FRIENDS.
Sound good to you? Read more at http://www.ucastudentvillage.co.nz/the-village/your-room/University-Hall.html

7. Waimairi Village: This includes 15 new (finished in 2014!) four bedroom houses located on Waimairi Rd adjacent to the Ilam fields.  This complex is more suited to students second year or older, because of the independence it entails.
Look into it further at http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/accom/halls/waimairi.shtml

8. Waitakiri Village: Located in the suburb of Mariehau, Waitakiri Village offers fully furnished double and single rooms. However, do not fear! It does not matter that the village is not located as close to campus, because there is a strong focus on connecting with people from other accommodation options, and a number of inter-house competitions. Read more at http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/accom/halls/innesroad.shtml

If you want to read more about your housing options check out the Undergraduate Prospectus or the UC Accommodation website.

Don’t let sore teeth hurt your pocket!

Did you know in the last year part of your student levy has gone towards supplying you with subsidised dental care?

The UCSA has worked towards giving students fantastic discounts on dental care in the last year. It has been heavily used by students since it began as we all know, without these awesome prices, the cost of dentist visits is a lot more than your allowance or living costs can afford you!

If you would like to book an appointment then go to dash tickets (http://dashtickets.co.nz/) and search for UCDental and select an appointment on there!

Help getting a job…like a real adult!

If you’re out of pocket and looking for a job, there are plenty of opportunities through UC to find something which suits you. UC CareerHub is the perfect place to look for newly advertised jobs and positions available at UC; such as through the shops, and food outlets on campus. UC CareerHub also advertises internship and work experience opportunities which are extremely valuable in the eyes of future employers, and give you important skills for your not too distant future.  Not only does UC CareerHub advertise jobs, they also hold events on success, writing a good CV, preparing for a job interview and many more relevant topics.

Student Job Search is another great place to go for jobs which are specifically looking for students! As the homepage says “Employers hire graduates with work experience”, so go on apply and get earning some moolah! You can even create your own online account where you can add jobs to a watchlist, submit CVs to apply for positions, and receive email alerts about jobs you’re keeping an eye on.

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself hired!

Student Jobs @ UC
Student Jobs @ UC


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