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Academic Integrity is important in being a successful student

As you are now completing your assessment items online, we wanted to give you a timely reminder of the importance of academic integrity and being honest in your studies and assessments.  Academic integrity is a principle at UC whereby both staff and students agree to act honesty, fairly, ethically and with respect for each other in teaching and learning.  You can learn more by reading UC’s Academic Integrity Guidance for Staff and Students.

For some students, there may be increased temptation to cheat and engage in dishonest academic practices such as:

  • Plagiarism/Self-plagiarism – using someone’s ideas and information without acknowledging them as the source or self-plagiarism where someone attempts to submit their own writing to two different assessments to gain credit twice;
  • Collusion – copying the work of someone else or allowing someone else to copy your work without disclosing this with the intent to deceive;
  • Impersonating/Ghost writing – having another person or commercial organisation impersonate you and complete an assessment item on your behalf; and/or
  • Fabrication – ‘inventing’ data for example in a lab report or from a publication.

Cheating and academic dishonesty will not be tolerated at UC.  We are committed to upholding the principles of academic integrity, especially in an online teaching environment, and UC has ways to identify dishonest practices such as the use of Turnitin.

If you are suspected of engaging in a dishonest academic practice this will be thoroughly investigated by either a Head of School/Department or a University Proctor and could ultimately result in disciplinary action being taken against you such as receiving a fine or being suspended/expelled from your studies.