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#UCScienceRadio Developing language for learning

Catherine Sivertsen wants to get the world excited about language, and is encouraging parents and educators to give the gift of words. She’s studying a Master’s in Speech and Language Therapy here at UC, and she’s passionate about improving child language development. Find out more about Catherine and her research in the latest episode of the UC Science Radio Podcast here> 

Exam time in the Library

Library opening hours 

We’ve extended Puaka-James Hight Library opening hours from Tuesday 8 June right through to Sunday 20 June:

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 11pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 11pm

Make the most of past exam papers online

With exams starting this week, you’ll be thinking about revision strategies that can help you with your exam prep.

The library has a large collection of past exam papers available online. You can search for past exam papers by using your course code. For example, if you are studying Marine Biology and Ecology you would search the course code BIOL212.

Past exam papers are a great way to test what you know and your exam technique.

Please note we do not have past exam paper answers to go with the questions.

So find a cosy study nook and keep any eye on Facebook and Instagram for your chance to find a golden ticket and win yourself one of our study survival prizes.

What does the future look like for STEM careers? Check out the student interviews on RNZ

Remember the STEM Careers Fair last month? RNZ stopped by to chat to students about what the future has in store for a career in STEM. Have a listen here from 05.48-07.49.