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Exam Period: Study and Memory Tips

Exams are coming, so you have to get ready- whether you want to or not! The struggle is real. Here are the best tips I have for you to ace your exams.

  1. Figure out how you learn best: 
    -If you’re a visual learner then diagrams and mindmaps, visual organisers, colour coded notes, and flashcards will be good learning tools for you.
    -But if you’re a verbal learner then it might be effective for you to read your notes aloud, talk to others about what you’ve learned, listen to voice recordings of your notes and use tools such as mnemonics (like acronyms or rhymes).
  2. Look at your information in different ways: 
    Put it into diagrams, read it aloud, make flashcards, make songs and rhymes. The more ways you use the information, the more places it will be stuck in your brain- and it will be so much easier to recall when you need it!
  3. Know how to effectively read your notes:
    -If you need to read a large amount of content in a short amount of time make sure that you make the most of the chapter summaries ,book indexes and contents pages.
    -You can also get the main points just by reading the introduction and conclusion. Then if you need more information skim through the rest of the reading for the main points.
    -Lastly pay attention to the questions at the end of textbook chapters and test yourself to see if you can answer them.
  4. Make the most of your resources:
    Check the library website to see if your course has made past exam papers available online, These can be extremely helpful for deciding how to focus your study, as often the questions are very similar from year to year.
  5. Test your own recall:
    Using flashcards always works well for me. I find that its good to go through the cards and test myself by putting the ones I know in a pile, and the ones I don’t in another. Then as I go through them the ‘don’t know’ pile becomes smaller and smaller- which really boosts my confidence! You can also use a mindmap to write down everything you remember which will help you to see your gaps in your memory.Let us know your best exam tip! 🙂