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New V-Plate digital card launches

Good news for bargain lovers: the UCSA has launched their new V-Plate digital card, a convenient way to grab your on-campus discounts  and vouchers.

To download it, either visit the Android or Apple app store and search ‘vplate’. Or scan either QR code below. You can also visit the V-Plate website here>

Do you already have a V-Plate card but want to use the fancy digital version? Just use the email address you registered with and your card number with an extra ‘0’ at the end. For example, card number ‘12345’ will have pin number ‘123450’.

P.S. For security reasons, we recommend you change your pin number at you first log in.

Apple StoreGoogle Play Store

Left: Apple Store QR Code. Right: Google Play QR Code.

Child Speech Development App Created by UC Student

University of Canterbury student Kristi Rabbitt.
University of Canterbury student Kristi Rabbitt.

Third year UC speech and language therapy student Kristi Rabbitt has developed an app called Childchat which aims to help parents keep track of their child’s speech and language development. The app, which is expected to be on the market soon, will provide access to resources, different support systems and contacts.  Additionally Rabbitt’s app recently won the Entre Apps Challenge at UC.

Read more about the work and aspirations of this bright UC student here: http://www.comsdev.canterbury.ac.nz/rss/news/?feed=news&articleId=1441  

Beautiful Identities App

Hazel Guyan, a UC graduate from 2014 has created a website app directed towards young people who suffer from mental or physical illnesses and disabilities. The app called “Beautiful Identities” provides inspiration and encourages a positive attitude from individuals coming to terms with a diagnosis. Guyan has created a community which provides support for those who need it. Here’s the full story…

If you need advice on how to cope with mental illness or a physical disability contact the UC Student Support team. They’re professionals  who want to help and you don’t need to go it alone.