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What’s With All the Unicorns?

You may have noticed some adorable fluffy friends around campus this week! The UniLife team has “hidden” unicorns throughout the campus to bring a smile to your face and promote our awesome programme. These UniLife unicorns are looking for homes, but there’s a catch – you must be a first year student who is not living in the halls. If you fit this criteria, the unicorns and UniLife are for you!

So what is UniLife?
UniLife is an AMAZING programme that connects first year students who aren’t living in the halls. We are here to support you and help you have the best 2020 possible! With mentoring, free food and plenty of free events (Pole fitness, anyone? Escape rooms? Quiz nights?), UniLife supports all aspects of your wellbeing while protecting your bank account. Whether you want to make some friends, learn how to study smarter or will come to anything with free food – UniLife has your back!

Sign up here (or scan the QR code on the unicorns) and fill in an application form. It’s that simple! And don’t forget to find yourself a unicorn buddy!