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Go see MUSOC’s show – Cabaret

MUSOC's Cabaret show
MUSOC’s Cabaret show

Feel like doing something different this weekend? Looking for a date night idea or a fun night with friends? MUSOC’s latest production Cabaret is showing each night until Saturday – and student tickets are only $15!

Cabaret is a musical theatre show set in Germany in the 1930s. It exhibits the seedy underbelly of the era, intertwining the uprising of the Nazi party with playful sexiness and comedy.

MUSOC even has its own three page feature in the first 2015 edition of CANTA magazine (out today), which dishes on all of the backstage drama and excitement that goes on behind the scenes.

And if that isn’t enough, here’s a video interview with the director of Cabaret, Tegan Patrick, telling us more about the show and the family that is MUSOC.

Conveniently located on campus at the Jack Mann Auditorium, this show is a must see. I just bought my tickets – be sure to get yours at http://musoc.org.nz/

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