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Canterbury Fellow talks time travel

Daniel-BernardiAs part of the WORD Christchurch, Visiting Canterbury Fellow Professor Daniel Bernardi will be in conversation with James Gleick, the acclaimed author of Time Travel, Tuesday 16 May, 6-7pm, at The Piano, 156 Armagh St, Christchurch.

Professor Bernardi has been teaching cinema studies this semester as part of his fellowship.

Science fiction film is one of Daniel’s areas of specialisation and he is looking forward to a mind-bending discussion of time travel in literature, science and the media. Daniel has had a long abiding interest in the subject and worked for the Sci-Fi Channel as a consultant, writer and producer/host of the web feature Future Now. He is also the author of Star Trek and History: Racing Towards a White Future (available at UBS) and has edited a collection, Signs of Aliens: Semiotics of Film and Popular Culture.

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Stephen (Stephanie) Burt, Professor of English at Harvard and Canterbury Fellow at UC for the summer term 2016-17, will discuss the transgender experience in a free event entitled ‘Transgender Literature (and Life) – an introduction and conversation.’

Steph will explore the topic with UC Lecturer Karen Saunders at the Shilling Club on 14 December.

Date: Wednesday 14 December 2016,
5:30PM -7:00PM

Location: The Shilling Club, Ilam Campus, University of Canterbury

Details here: www.canterbury.ac.nz/events/active/uc-events/transgender-literature-and-life—an-introduction-and-conversation.html