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UC PGSA – Who are we?

UC PGSA is the University of Canterbury Postgraduate Students’ Association. We’re not sure who came up with the name, but they’ve confused a number of us over the years. We’re not actually a students’ association (what?!) but are like every other club on campus affiliated to the UCSA. However what makes us slightly different is that our focus is on postgrads. Y’know – those people who turn up in your lab as demonstrators and say the phrase ‘when I was doing this course’ or ‘when I was an undergraduate’ with a longing you are yet to understand.

PGSA exec

There are 10 of us on the Committee, ranging from Masters to Doctorate, local to Kazakhstan, 21 to 35. We’re pretty friendly (although we’ll always do better after we’ve had a coffee) and are doing our best to understand postgrads and offer services that are of benefit within the areas of socialising, academics and advocacy.

So who actually is a postgrad? Well if you’ve graduated you probably count. But we know it is a bit confusing at UC because some Honours courses are considered postgraduate programmes and some aren’t. So to keep it simple, we consider anyone who is doing a paper at 400 level or above a postgrad, regardless of whether you’re sneakily still undergraduate or not. That means all you Honours students in Engineering and Law – you’re important to us too.

We’re free to join and are always looking for ways to help the postgrad experience, so hit us up (figuratively) if you want to know more. Check us out at www.ucpgsa.org and facebook.com/ucpgsa.

What’s the haps?! 25th-31st May

Check out what events are happening on campus this week!

Monday 25th:

  • The Local Exchange: Bring some along to trade with The Local Exchange, and be prepared to barter! 11-2pm in the Undercroft. Intrigued???… check it out!

Wednesday 27th:

  • Film Screening FEMSOC: ‘But I’m A Cheerleader Now’- a satirical rom com. Go along to Kirkwood KH08, at 5.10pm.

Friday 29th:

Saturday 30th:

  • COMPSoc BBQ #2: 1pm at 29 Wilfred St. Free food, and free drinks- what’s not to love? Free entry for members, $5 door sales for non-members.
  • Law Stein– 8pm Harringtons Riccarton.
  • GC and CUBA present…FULL MOON PARTY: 8pm, tickets online at $15.  Neon and UV colour galore, groovy tunes, and band Just A Gent.

SVA Connect the Community

This Saturday, 23 May, the Student Volunteer Army (SVA) will be holding their biggest event of the year: CONNECT THE COMMUNITY, sponsored by City Care. However, they can’t do it alone, and need the support of volunteers to make it an amazing day for the Phillipstown community!

If you haven’t heard of Connect the Community before, basically it’s an amazing day where SVA members help a Christchurch community with a range of different projects! This year the event is in it’s third year. The last two were centered in Burwood (2013), and Ilam/ Riccarton (2014). Both of these times around 150 volunteers turned up, so SVA are hoping for a similar level of support this weekend!

The day will include loads of helpful jobs, such as: painting, gardening, cooking, moving things, or getting creative! Whatever the community need SVA to do they are there to help them out! Then they’ll finish the day with a big community BBQ where they’ll provide a delicious spread for all of our wonderful volunteers and the community members!


There will be FREE transport to Phillipstown leaving the UCSA carpark at 8.30am, and bringing volunteers back at 2pm. There will also be FREE food provided on the day, and of course the BBQ!

If you’re available please volunteer to help out, as it will really make a difference! Especially because Phillipstown was hit so hard by the earthquakes, and then again recently with the closure of their much loved primary school. So give them a hand if you can this weekend! Sign up online, and visit the facebook event page to find out more.