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What are Rainbow Communities?

On Thursday (10 August) 30 staff and students from UC, Ara and Lincoln attended a workshop with Anne Nicholson from Q-topia on ‘making a difference for LGBTIQ+ students on campus’.

Anne asked us to watch these short videos in preparation for the workshop, and they were so useful and informative I wanted to share them with you. They explain about rainbow communities, in particular the differences between sex, gender and sexuality.

If you want to learn more about how you can support rainbow communities on campus, check out these resources and ideas:

Sweet, free things to do in Christchurch

If you’re new to Christchurch or you have been worrying about spending $ this is the best way to explore the city…for free.

Gap Filler and All Right? have teamed up to create a parking meter with a difference in Cathedral Square.

The Open City parking meter issues tickets displaying inner-city adventures that celebrate the undervalued, sweet, free things to do in Christchurch. Adventures like a perfect branch to swing on in the Botanic Gardens, checking out a quirky bit of street art, or playing a giant arcade game.

These little secrets and over 50 more have so far been suggested by locals and visitors on the Open City website. As well as being a great, free family activity for the holidays, Open City is also perfect for the many people who have recently relocated to the inner city for work. Each Open City adventure aligns with one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing – connect, take notice, give, be active and keep learning – actions scientifically-proven to improve wellbeing.

To add your favourite free thing to do in Christchurch to the meter go to www.opencity.org.nz 

SVA Connect the Community


The Student Volunteer Army (SVA) is heading to Linwood Park for the City Care Connect the Community event on Saturday 29 July.

This Connect the Community event will be bigger and better than ever. We are looking for 300 student volunteers to help give some TLC back to the Linwood Community. We’ve got heaps of great volunteering activities planned at the park including painting, planting, and projects around the school. As always, our volunteers will get free transport to and from the event and we’ll finish off the event with a free community bbq set up in the central hub at Linwood Avenue School.

Find out more and sign up here>