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Take care, Think first and get some free stuff!

With UC’s campus transformation well under way, there’s lots of construction activity happening around the place. And now that work is due to start on the UCSA building, there’ll be more trucks,  contractors and detours – it’s super busy!

So, take care and stay alert when near construction sites on campus.

  • Watch out for trucks and other construction vehicles coming and going from building sites – be careful when near site gates.
  • If traffic management staff or detour signage is in place, make sure you follow instructions. This applies to everyone – whether you’re driving, cycling, skateboarding or walking.
  • Stay outside construction sites and fencing.
  • Slow down when you’re near construction sites.
  • Think first. You never know what’s around the corner – watch this!

Animated video image

Watch the latest Think first video to find out what happens next!

Think first freebies
Get some free stuff! Come to the Undercroft between 11am and noon on Friday 22 July.

We’ll be giving away Think first drink bottles, reusable coffee cups, phone wallets, key rings, lip balms, tote bags, and ice scrapers (handy for de-icing your car windscreen on those frosty winter mornings or when you’re up at the ski fields!).

See you there!