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Be proud of this special place of remembrance says Mayor

Mayor Lianne Dalziel

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel spoke at the dedication of the new commemorative pathway and the sculpture Roimata on 22 February.

Her speech is reproduced here:

Pro Chancellor, Sue McCormick, Vice-Chancellor, Dr Rod Carr and UCSA President, Josh Proctor

My fellow councillors: Anne Galloway, Vicki Buck, Jimmy Chen, Mike Davidson, Phil Clearwater, and Sara Templeton

Thank you for the honour and the privilege of sharing this occasion with you as we unveil this commemorative sculpture, Roimata, and dedicate this part of the cycleway to the memory of the February 22 earthquake in 2011, both acknowledging and remembering the losses and injuries sustained by students, alumni and friends of the University.

Events to commemorate that day, act as reminders of all that we have lost, but on this occasion we will also be called upon to reflect on the incredible spirit that emerged from the community, exemplified at this place, the University of Canterbury, by the Student Volunteer Army.

I have not yet seen Roimata, but I am confident that when we see her, we will feel that Riki Manuel has captured both the sadness we feel on remembering that day and the generosity of spirit and courage that became the hallmarks of what followed.

The events of February 22, 2011 and the weeks, months and years that followed may have changed the face of Christchurch forever, but the heart of what makes us who we are as a community, a university and a city has been strengthened by our shared experience of grief and loss, coupled now with our immutable optimism for the future.

The University of Canterbury can be proud of the role it played and will continue to play as we turn lessons learned into global best practice for the future.

And today you can be proud of creating this special place of remembrance and honouring our shared sense of loss and the spirit that flowed from the tears.

He roimata o runga, he tangi he ua

He roimata o raro, he tangi maumahara

The tears from above, the grief of love

As the tears from our eyes are of remembrance

Ongoing aftershocks – update

Staff and students will be experiencing the effects of ongoing aftershocks from the major earthquake north of Christchurch in the early hours of this morning.   UC’s engineer has checked our “indicator” buildings, which are all looking structurally fine. There is some cosmetic cracking apparent in some locations.  Further checks are occurring for a number of halls of residence.   Be mindful that many buildings on campus have been seismically strengthened in the last five years and that we have comprehensive processes for evaluating seismic strength and resilience.

Unless you hear otherwise, cannot make it to campus or need to look after a dependent, please assume campus remains open as normal. UCSA facilities closed today (Shilling Club and ELC Montana Ave) will be open for business as usual tomorrow.

While these aftershocks are 150km away and have little direct effect on campus, we acknowledge they can be unsettling.  We recommend that if you feel that the aftershock is very significant you should “Drop, Cover and Hold” and if necessary, evacuate the building.  Those who experienced the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes will be aware that aftershocks will continue for some weeks and possibly months. Now may be a good opportunity to refresh your memory of your evacuation procedures and the UC Emergency site: http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/emergency/

Our thoughts are also with colleagues further north who are experiencing these events more directly.  I have been in touch with Vice-Chancellors of Victoria and Massey universities and have offered assistance from UC should they need it.

Please take care and look out for family, friends and colleagues.

Dr Rod Carr
Vice-Chancellor Tumu Whakarae

UC reopens

Today (Sunday 14 February), UC closed for a time while indicator buildings were checked. This is in line with normal practice for any earthquake over 5.5.

UC has been cleared to reopen by structural engineers who have inspected key indicator buildings. All Halls of Residence are also open.

Classes and all other planned programmes and activities will continue as normal.