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Diversity Fest – #thisiswhoIam

UCSA Equity & Wellbeing Rep Sam Brosnahan welcomes you to Diversity Fest.

Sam BrosnahanKIA ORA FRIENDS – you’ve just stumbled upon some of the most fun and thought-provoking few weeks you’ll have all year.

Introducing Diversity Fest – a wondrous mashup of all things celebrating everyone on campus. The theme of the festival is #thisiswhoIam – it’s a call to action – to uncover what makes you epically and uniquely astounding.

It’s a showcase of you, people like you, people different to you and people you maybe never knew existed at UC. It’s a platform to highlight the issues and challenge the assumptions.

It’s the concept of the individual playing a crucial role in the collective. There’s over 16,000 of us in the same boat – maybe we’ve got more in common than we realise?

Three weeks, over 20 different events and tonnes of opportunity to get in amongst. For the full calendar, search Diversity Fest on the UC website.

Enjoy mate!


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Volunteering makes you more attractive


Step right up, step right up and volunteer for Open Day – Thursday 13 July. It will make you more attractive; on paper, i.e. your CV, because it makes you look community minded.

The Events and Partnerships Team are seeking enthusiastic volunteers to help potential students have the best Open Day experience possible.

We need you to volunteer in the following areas:

Supplier of Smiles (Welcome Ambassadors)
You have a great smile and enjoy making people happy.

You’ll be stationed at one of our welcome points to warmly greet our visitors to UC, hand out tote bags, scan tickets of registered attendees, welcome visitors off buses, and wave them goodbye at the end of the day.

Information Guru (Campus Ambassadors)
Providing help and support is your gig.

There will be a special station for you on Open Day. You’ll assist visitors with questions like ‘where will I get a good coffee?’ and ‘what time is the next info session?’ You’ll also monitor sessions taking place in your area.

Data Gatherer (Survey Collector)
You’re confident asking people what they think.

iPad in hand, we need you to confidently approach attendees and get their feedback on Open Day. Using the pre-populated survey online, you will ensure we get the data we need to run a successful event every time.

Campus Explorer (Tour Guide)
You know the campus well and can’t wait to show it off.

We need you to lead small groups of visitors on a loop of the campus, pointing out all the key buildings and facilities and answering questions. We’ll make sure you know where activities are taking place during the day so you can point them out and help our visitors feel comfortable on campus.

If that isn’t enough, you get to wear a cool red t-shirt and you’ll be given a gift to keep you warm on the day.

Volunteer by filling out the form here>

If you have any questions email the Events team at events@canterbury.ac.nz