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Library Tower Race 2020 has been cancelled

Tomorrow’s Library Tower Race 2020 has been cancelled. Read more on the UC Library Facebook page>

UC is following advice from WHO and Ministry of Health on all upcoming events with the health and wellbeing of students, staff and the wider UC community being top priority. See the UC events page for further information>

Make sure you keep up to date with your @uclive email and UC social channels for any upcoming event changes.

Seminar – UC’s 2000th Erskine Fellow Prof Jon Shaw – ‘Researching everyday access across different spatial scales’

Professor Jon Shaw is presenting a seminar on Monday 23 March at 12noon at UC in room ER263 (aka Learning Space), 2nd floor Ernest Rutherford building.


Jon Shaw is a Professor at the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at University of Plymouth in England. He teaches classes and conducts research in his specialist field of transport, travel and mobility. This research ultimately ends up being published as books, academic journal articles and policy and / or consultancy reports. His latest book, Transport Matters, was published by Policy Press in October 2019. Jon holds a BSc (Hons) in Geography, a PG Dip in Social Science Research and a PhD in Human Geography. He is currently a Visiting Erskine Fellow at the University of Canterbury.


Providing people easy access to jobs, services, leisure and other opportunities is one of the most important roles of transport policy. Policy makers consider a range of issues, not just in relation to the availability of transport modes, but also in relation to the places people move through and ultimately want to get to. Using data from different studies undertaken at completely different spatial scales, I will look at accessibility issues faced by older people, joggers and people of restricted mobility. The lessons we take from these studies show the importance of a genuinely integrated approach to transport and land-use planning, recognising the extent to which transport and mobility concerns are at the heart of any proper considerations of quality of life for everyone.


UC Connect Public Lecture: A cross-examination of rape myths

Despite more than 40 years of law reform aimed at improving the experience of giving evidence for adult rape complainants, Ministry of Justice research in 2018 re-confirmed that the process remains distressing and re-traumatising.

In the recent UC Connect public lecture A cross-examination of rape myths, UC Law Professor Elizabeth McDonald presented an overview of the findings, some reform proposals and an outline of future work.

Missed this session? Watch the video here:
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