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5 Ways to Wellbeing during Exam Season

During exam season it is important to ensure that you continue to take good care of your wellbeing. Practicing self-care is a great way to sustain a healthy wellbeing and to give yourself a break whilst studying.

Try implementing these 5 simple actions into your daily life, to help build resilience and boost your wellbeing. These actions are known as the 5 Ways to Wellbeing:


Take some time out from your studies to connect. Connecting with others is a great way to boost your mood and improve your wellbeing. There are so many ways to connect including spending time with friends or family, checking in on your neighbour, or hanging out with your pets.

Be Active

Go outside and be active. We spend a lot of time sitting in front of screens and studying, so it’s important that we remember to get outside and be active. Choose a physical activity that you enjoy – that way you‘ll have more fun! Going for a walk, dancing, swimming and running are just a few examples of ways to be active.

Keep Learning

Learn something new separate from your studies. As students, we spend a lot of time learning, but it’s important to take a break to learn something completely different to what we study. Learning new things helps you to become more confident and is a great excuse to have some fun. So go on try something new, you never know you could be a pro.


Give is all about giving to others, it feels good and is a simple and rewarding way to enhance your wellbeing. There are heaps of ways that you can give to others including, donating your time to a charity, offering to go shopping for a neighbour, or becoming involved in a community group.

Take Notice

Exam season is a busy time, therefore it is important to take some time out to take notice. Take notice of your surroundings, of the changing seasons, and how you are feeling. Yoga, meditation and deep breathing are some great ways that you can become more mindful and aware of the world around you.

UCSA Exam Breakfasts are here

Starting this week, your Students’ Association, the UCSA, will be at Haere-roa serving up delicious (free!) fancy porridge and a can of Fresh Up or Boss Coffee to get you through exams. There are also options for anyone going dairy-free/vegan.

There’s no need to book ahead – just make sure you get in line early to avoid missing out because numbers are limited (first in, first served). And feel free to bring your own bowl and cutlery, too, if you want to do your part for the environment.

We’ll see you between 8am and 10am (or till serves run out) on weekdays. Good luck with your exams!

A big thank-you to our friends at Harraways, Fresh-Up and Boss Coffee for supporting Exam Breakfasts. For updates on other UCSA events, follow us on Facebook (@theUCSA) and Instagram (UCSA_NZ).

Release of exam timetable delayed

The end of year exam timetable has been delayed as a result of the recent Covid-19 developments. It will be released near the beginning of Term 4. You can find the latest information on exams here