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Exams are coming!


It’s nearly crunch time! The final countdown! Time to study for exams and tests…. Wooo.

Alright, so ain’t nobody looking forward to that! But because we both know that you do eventually have to knuckle down and get your head in the books, I have some study tips to ease the pain.

  1. Try not to leave it til the last minute. Although it’s tempting to sleep all day and put study to the back of your mind, the sooner you get onto it, the less stressed you’ll be later.
  2. Use a study timetable to decide how much time to put on each exam and when you need to begin studying for it. Also keep a to-do list of the different tasks you need to do each day, such as different textbook chapters to read and take notes on.
  3. Organise your study space. Make sure you have a comfortable chair, good lighting and a desk clear of distraction. It’s all about the ‘feng shui’!
  4. Start to gather together your lecture notes and determine what the most important areas of focus are. Condense your notes and underline/highlight key terms.
  5. If you’re a visual learner use diagrams, or write things you need to remember on large sheets of paper to put in your bedroom, your kitchen… anywhere you’ll see them all the time!
  6. Use old exam papers for practice. You can get these from the library, or through your lecturer. These allow you to see what questions are typically asked and what is expected of you.
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