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Save yourself! Get a Flu Vaccine!

Melting ice caps…
Global warming…
Viral Pandemics…

Whoa!!! You do know you can do something about one of these right now ?

Get a Flu Vaccine!

Save yourself! And anyone else you can talk into climbing on the life raft with you!

  • Free flu jabs for our registered patients
  • $5 for others with a UCSA voucher

Once protected you will be free to observe the indecisive, the lazy and the just plain dumb collapse with fevers, delirium and body wracking coughs. You may even wish to provide the tissues to help them face the realisation that it’s going to be two weeks before they’re out of bed and trying to catch up with all the work they missed.

Appointments at the UC Health Centre. Phone 03 364 2402 or just come in and talk to a friendly member of our reception team.