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Get your flu jab!

Don’t be one of the unfortunate flu….

Last year the Health Centre was stretched to capacity with very ill students suffering from the flu. And by ‘the flu’  we mean extreme body aches and lung problems resulting in two weeks on your back considering the deeper questions of life – not a bit of snot and a cough.

The best way to get your degree is to get a flu jab – provided free (yes FREE!!!)  to UC students who are registered at the Health Centre. To register come in or check out the Health Centre website.

If you’re not a joiner, call into UCSA, pick up a flu voucher and you’ll be charged only $5 at the Health Centre. Same for International Students.

Flu clinics run:

  • Monday to Thursday 9 -10am  and 2-3pm
  • Friday  2-3 pm.

And if you can’t do this because you’re the biggest chicken on the planet – can you please WASH YOUR HANDS and COUGH INTO YOUR ELBOW!

From the team at the UC Health Centre


Free or subsidised flu vaccinations!


Get your free or subsidised flu vaccine through the UC Health Centre and the UCSA until 31 July!

Free vaccines

Vaccines are free to all domestic students enrolled at the UC Health Centre and domestic students with a chronic illness (i.e. asthma, diabetes).

$5 subsidised vaccines

The UCSA is subsidising vaccines for international students and domestic students who are not enrolled at the UC Health Centre!

Come to the UCSA reception in the Undercroft and pick up your voucher!

Book your vaccine

To get the vaccine,  make an appointment at the flu clinic in the Health Centre:

  • Mon-Thurs: 9-10am and 2-3pm
  • Fri: 2-3pm

Please call the UC Health Centre on 03 364 2402 (details on voucher).

Winter is here, so is the flu

With winter coming down on us now, flu season is truly here. The Health Centre supplies free or subsidised vaccinations against the flu which is a great investment in your health this winter. It may not seem like it at first, but around campus flus and bugs spread like wildfire, so get immunised now before exam time to take the pressure off you and your health this semester. You can find the details on their website.

UC Health Centre offers flu vaccines
UC Health Centre offers flu vaccines