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UC’s Edible Campus

Missed our Edible Campus walking tour? Here’s the link to our Edible Campus Map, so you can take yourself foraging on campus whenever you like!


The fruit, nuts and berries you see on campus are all free for you to forage as you wish. However, we ask you do some research if you’re unsure – some edibles may look ready before they are actually ripe for picking! You can always be in touch with the Sustainability Office if you have any questions about foraging on campus.

The Sustainability Office has a long-term plan to see more food grown on campus, complementing the plantings and ecological restoration work we have been supporting. As issues of food accessibility and affordability become better understood, we are committed to proving an edible landscape for our UC community. The idea of an edible campus and a food forest is embedded in UC’s landscape master plan.

We already have two community gardens on campus – those on the tour visited Okeover Community Garden with us, and we also have an allotment style community garden based at Dovedale. Interested in volunteering in our community garden? All volunteers are welcome to take home fresh produce in return for their time.

See more about volunteering with us here.

Found an edible on campus that isn’t on this map? Please let us know! We’re in the process of updating and refreshing our Edible Campus maps and guides.

Happy foraging UC!

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Got a question or want to know more? Email us at sustainability@canterbury.ac.nz

Edible Campus Tour during Eco Week (Fri 23 Sep)

UntitledIncreasing numbers of universities around the globe have planted edible varieties and created edible landscapes on campus as issues of food accessibility and affordability are becoming  better understood, particularly within their student population. Edible Campus initiatives often go beyond having a campus garden, and are about changing how people see the role of food as part of general landscaping.

Many students and staff have asked the Sustainability Office to explore the potential of doing the same here at UC, not realising that there are a number of food varieties already flourishing on campus!

Current plantings are already well browsed without much publicity – demonstrating there is an interest in, and demand for more food to be grown on campus. We already have two community gardens, and the Sustainability Office has a long term plan to see more food grown on campus, complementing existing indigenous plantings and ecological restoration work.

During Eco Week this week (19-24 September), join Jane Aistrope, UC’s community gardener, on a tour around campus to find out where you can forage and nibble your way around campus.

When: Friday 23 September, 12-1pm.
Where: Meet Jane Aistrope, UC’s community gardener outside Café 1894 at noon sharp!

The Edible CampusTour is part of UC Eco Week 2016, which runs from 19-24 September 2016. Eco Week is a festival of events that celebrates and promotes what you can do for the environment, your community and your life.

Thursday: Tiny House Tour. Only a few places left! Bookings essential, 1.30pm–4 pm. Also: Cowspiracy screening (by VCUC), Kirkwood Village 6pm-8pm
Friday: Sustainability Awards Ceremony. Undercroft 101, 5.30pm-6.30pm
Saturday: Sustaina-ball. Bentley’s, 7.30pm – late. Sunday: Drayton Reserve Volunteer afternoon (by Geosoc), 2-4pm.

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