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UCSA building update – footbridge and footpath closure

The footbridge located between the UCSA site and University Drive, opposite the University Bookshop, will be closed from today until the end of May. The footpath near the UCSA site that leads to the footbridge will also be closed for the same period.

These closures are due to early enabling works and ground improvements being carried out in the area before construction work begins on the new UCSA building later in the year.

Please use the two footbridges located between the Health Centre and University Drive, opposite the ICT car park, when travelling to and from Ilam Campus.

170316 FootbridgeFootpathDetour

UCSA footbridge closed

The footbridge between University Drive (opposite the University Bookshop) and the UCSA building is now closed as construction work is ramping up in the area. Detour signs are in place.

Please use the footbridge between University Drive (opposite the ICT carpark/Angus Tait building) and the Health Centre instead.

Take care and look out for others when using this footbridge – cyclists and skateboarders please slow down. Think first!

Footbridge detour