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UC Student Blogger | Welcome to UC

​Starting university is exciting, but it can also bring its own unique challenges. It’s completely normal to feel nervous or a bit overwhelmed during the first few weeks, and it can be a while before you feel settled in. One of our UC Student Bloggers reflects on their own experience of starting at UC,  and shares some tips on what you can do to get yourself sorted: 

Although university is an exciting experience, it can often be an intimidating one as well – especially when you are a new student. When I first started university, while it was exciting, I found everything a bit intimidating at first. And because I hadn’t been told I might feel this way and that it was totally normal, it took me a few months of trying things out. So here are a couple of things that I did when I was a new student that was useful to help me settle into university life!

If you’re feeling a little lost around your degree or have burning questions about your courses, the number one thing I recommend to all students, especially if you’re a new student, is to go and see a Student Advisor. Appointments with Student Advisors are free, and they can offer advice on any course or degree questions that you have.

When I went to see one in my first year, I wasn’t enjoying my courses or my degree and they really helped me figure out what I did enjoy learning. Advisors are there to help you figure out what is not working and provide suggestions on what might fit or suit you better. The best thing I did at uni as a new student was to go and see a Student Advisor!

The second thing I found hugely helpful to me as a new student was making the most of the Academic Skills Centre. Academic Skills have a wide range of wonderful (and free!) resources for students. From free workshops covering everything from essay writing to exam prep to one-on-one appointments with Learning Advisors who can go over your assignment or essay with you, there is so much to make the most of!

Got a question about uni? Try the AskUC button

University can feel like a pretty big and confusing place, especially for new students. If you find yourself feeling that way, don’t worry: it’s normal.

There are lots of ways to search out the answers to your questions, but if you would like to talk with a human being, one of the easiest ways is the ‘AskUC’ button found at the bottom right of many pages on the UC website.

The team behind the screen will do their best to answer your questions. When they don’t know the answer themselves, they’re really good at pointing you in the direction of who does.

And if you just need to talk to someone for a bit of advice and encouragement, you can use the AskUC button for that too.



Have you completed your Orientation+ online induction modules?

Are you a new first-year undergraduate student? Make sure you complete your Orientation+ online induction modules> 

The five modules are a really important part of your introduction to UC – they’re designed to make sure you’ve got all the essential information you need for your first year of study. 

All first-year undergraduate students must complete the modules – be sure to put them on your to-do list this week. 

Get started – it won’t take long…
It doesn’t take long to complete each module – between 5 to 15 minutes, and you don’t have to complete them all at once. 

Find out more and get started here>