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Reminder for returning domestic students – UC Health Centre fees

A reminder to returning domestic students enrolled at the UC Health Centre that fee changes have come into effect this year.

Why has there been a fee change?
While the cost of consultations at the UC Health Centre are subsidised partly by the Student Services Levy, the Ministry of Health (MoH) provides the bulk of the UC Health Centre funding.

MoH recently changed the way it funds primary healthcare services, and the amount of funding they provide for your healthcare at the UC Health Centre now depends on whether you have a Community Services Card.

What this means for you

  • If you are enrolled at the UC Health Centre and you have a Community Services Card, most of your GP consultations will continue to be free.
  • If you are enrolled at the UC Health Centre and you don’t have a Community Services Card, a $15 fee will apply for every GP consultation.

Apply for a Community Services Card
If you don’t already have a Community Services Card, make sure you apply for one as soon as possible if you are eligible for one. 

Visit the Work and Income website for more information about a Community Services Card and how to apply.


Find out more about UC Health Centre fees on the UC Health Centre web page.


Get your flu jab!

Don’t be one of the unfortunate flu….

Last year the Health Centre was stretched to capacity with very ill students suffering from the flu. And by ‘the flu’  we mean extreme body aches and lung problems resulting in two weeks on your back considering the deeper questions of life – not a bit of snot and a cough.

The best way to get your degree is to get a flu jab – provided free (yes FREE!!!)  to UC students who are registered at the Health Centre. To register come in or check out the Health Centre website.

If you’re not a joiner, call into UCSA, pick up a flu voucher and you’ll be charged only $5 at the Health Centre. Same for International Students.

Flu clinics run:

  • Monday to Thursday 9 -10am  and 2-3pm
  • Friday  2-3 pm.

And if you can’t do this because you’re the biggest chicken on the planet – can you please WASH YOUR HANDS and COUGH INTO YOUR ELBOW!

From the team at the UC Health Centre


The Health Centre’s top tips for staying well in winter

Click to learn more about the Health Centre
Click to learn more about the Health Centre and their tips

At UC we’re really lucky to have such great services available at our Health Centre, which is located right on campus – I certainly took full advantage of the services when I was a student.

With winter fast approaching (seriously, how did summer end so abruptly?!) I decided to talk to some of the staff at the Health Centre to share their top tips for staying healthy and taking advantage of their services, especially with exams coming up. They suggest:

  • Seeking health advice before it’s too late if you’re feeling under the weather
  • Balance yourself – burning the candle at both ends and living off caffeine isn’t good for you
  • Eat a nutritious and well balanced diet as best you can
  • Check that your vaccinations are up to date – measles is a current issue, and the flu vaccine is available from April
  • Consider seeking advice if you are feeling very anxious or stressed – the Health Centre offers clinics that teach relaxation and coping techniques so you can look after yourself
  • See a nurse for things like travel vaccinations and advice, blood pressure checks, diabetes care, asthma care, sexual health, diet and lifestyle advice, smoking cessation, and accident treatments such as dressing changes or burn treatments

If you haven’t already, you really should enrol at the Health Centre. If you’re a domestic student, GP services are free in most cases. There’s nothing worse than getting sick when you’ve got assessments due, so take care of yourself by being proactive about your health!