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Winter is here, so is the flu

With winter coming down on us now, flu season is truly here. The Health Centre supplies free or subsidised vaccinations against the flu which is a great investment in your health this winter. It may not seem like it at first, but around campus flus and bugs spread like wildfire, so get immunised now before exam time to take the pressure off you and your health this semester. You can find the details on their website.

UC Health Centre offers flu vaccines
UC Health Centre offers flu vaccines


Beautiful Identities App

Hazel Guyan, a UC graduate from 2014 has created a website app directed towards young people who suffer from mental or physical illnesses and disabilities. The app called “Beautiful Identities” provides inspiration and encourages a positive attitude from individuals coming to terms with a diagnosis. Guyan has created a community which provides support for those who need it. Here’s the full story…

If you need advice on how to cope with mental illness or a physical disability contact the UC Student Support team. They’re professionals  who want to help and you don’t need to go it alone.