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How come Australia is odds on to win the final?

How come Australia is odds on to win the Cricket World Cup final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Sunday?

New Zealand beat Australia when they met earlier in the tournament and Australian commentators are saying the Black Caps will be overawed by the occasion. It’s just par for the course and what we’ve come to expect with the sometimes friendly trans-Tasman rivalry.

Former Australia batsman Matthew Hayden says the MCG is too big for New Zealand which has won all eight of its games in the tournament to date. Hayden says the Blacks have been winning because of home zone comfort and in small stadiums.

The word from inside the Black Caps camp is that they are just loving these Kiwi-bashing comments which serve to make them more determined for the final. Hayden says Eden Park is so small that it should not be a cricket ground. Great stuff. That’s on a par with one Sydney journalist who wrote one year that Sir Edmund Hillary was an Australian.

Some years ago New Zealand beat Australia on Australia Day in Adelaide, bowling them out for just 74. The Aussie captain on the day brushed off the result saying, “mate, even though you beat us, we’re still the best”.

Take out Steve Smith, one of the top three batsmen in the world on current form, and fast bowler Mitchell Starc, the Australians have been largely unimpressive in the World Cup. They battled in their quarter-final at Adelaide to chase down a poor score by Pakistan. Shane Watson was cowering and intimidated by pace bowler Wahad Riaz.

New Zealand will not be thinking about Australia in the final. They will be focused on their game. They have beaten all countries before in this tournament because they have performed better.

Either way the game will set a record for one of the biggest crowds ever to watch cricket at the MCG. The record of 91,112 was set against England two years ago. A big crowd attended a mass when Pope John Paul II appeared there in 1986. Australians will be praying they won’t lose to New Zealand on Sunday. They could not cope.

Go the Black Caps!

ICC Cricket World Cup

In case you didn’t already know, this year the ICC Cricket World Cup is being hosted by Australia and New Zealand. The opening match of the tournament, Sri Lanka vs New Zealand, will be held in Christchurch on Saturday the 14th of February . There are still some tickets left if you want to head along! There is also going to be two other matches in Christchurch during the tournament.

If you’re going to the cricket be prepared for a looooooong day! Here’s a few things I would advise…

  1. Snacks: take loads of food, because you’ll definitely get the munchies while you’re sitting around all day. You can buy some food on site, but choices are limited. However, ice blocks are always a winner with me!
  2. Get there early: this means you’ll get a good view of the game, and will be able to claim your own space. This is especially important if you’ve got a group of people with you.
  3. Bring something to sit on: it’s not super comfortable to sit on the hard ground all day. A low deck chair is a good option because then you can still sit towards the front of the embankment without blocking the view of others.
  4. Go with friends or family: the cricket is a lot more fun when you’re chilling out with others!