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Upgraded firewall and its potential effects

We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer and it’s great to see the campus so alive again!

Here in the IT team, we have been hard at work upgrading the University’s firewall.

This was a much needed task as unfortunately there have been several cases of staff and students using what are called ‘peer to peer applications’ to illegally download material. This is a violation of copyright.

The upgraded firewall will be restricting access to peer to peer applications which can and have been used to download illegal material.

There has already been some analysis done to ensure that known, legitimate peer to peer applications are allowed to be accessed via the firewall.

However this software could be a bit overzealous.  So if you’ve found you are being denied access to something you legitimately need access to, please log a request with us through the ITS Self Service portal.

Please log it under ‘IT Services – 01 Account Management’ and then use the general enquiry link.

Thank you in advance for your understanding,

Malcolm and the IT team