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Nifty Markets X OpSoc Markets on Sunday

Need something to do this weekend?

Nifty Markets are teaming up with OpSoc to bring you a Thrifty Nifty market from the UC Campus! On Sunday 15 September in Haerae-roa in the sunny Ti Kouka space,  join the fun and shop sustainably at the Nifty Market.

The Thrifty Nifty x OpSoc market is an opportunity where anyone can set up a rack and sell their clothes. The purpose of this event is to motivate shoppers to purchase pre-loved clothing in an effort to reduce textile waste (and to score some quality deals along the way).

For further details, visit the event page on Facebook>


What’s the haps?! 1st-7th June

Monday 1st:

Thursday 4th:

  • Rhodes Scholarship Information Seminar: Undercroft 101 Seminar Room 6.00-7.00pm.  The Rhodes Scholarship Information Evening is for UC and Lincoln University students intending to pursue Postgraduate studies at Oxford University, who may be interested in finding out more about the Rhodes Scholarship and the application process
  • First Thursdays: Paper, Scissors, Rock ‘n’ Roll: 5-9 in Sydenham. This event only takes place three times a year- so don’t miss out! The evening which include: art, music, night markets, gallery events, performances and exhibitions! There will be free buses to transport people around the 4 main areas, but everything is also within walking distance.

What’s the haps?! 27th April – 3rd May

Welcome back to uni for the second term! I hope you had a great break and are ready to get your head into study once again. Don’t forget to have some fun too though! Checking out these awesome events could be a good start…

Monday 27th:

Tuesday 28th:

Wednesday 29th:

  • Connect 4 Competition: Remember that game from when you were little? Well, how would you like to play it and compete against a bunch of other adults for prizes, in a bar? Sound fun? Head along to Phoenix Bar from 7-9pm. FREE entry!

Thursday 30th:

Friday 1st May:

  • Food Show: Horncastle Arena 1st May – Monday 3rd May (10am-5pm). Tickets can be purchased online for this food and cooking extravaganza!

Saturday 2nd:

  • New Brighton Seaside Market: This great community market is held from 10am-2pm every Saturday. Grab some food, or find some bargains, and take a walk down the beach while you’re there!