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Te Hāpai Ō | UC Live Speaker Series

UC aims to support your wellbeing during the COVID-19 lockdown – join the weekly speaker series via Facebook livestream, focusing on a different topic each Friday. The next one starts today at 11am on UC Facebook> 

Te Hāpai Ō | UC Live Speaker Series 2020 – Livestreaming on UC’s Facebook page

  • Prof Julia Rucklidge on Te Taha Hinengaro | Mental Wellbeing, 11am-12pm Friday 3 April
  • Rev Spanky Moore on Te Taha Wairua | Spiritual Wellbeing, 11am-12pm Friday 10 April
  • Tracy Clelland on Te Taha Whānau | Whānau Wellbeing, 11am-12pm Friday 17 April

Over the next few Fridays, starting 3 April, as part of Te Hāpai Ō | UC Live Speaker Series, UC experts will look at different aspects of wellbeing: mental, spiritual, and family wellbeing. These themes are three of the pou (pillars) from Tā (Sir) Mason Durie’s Māori model of health, Te Whare Tapawhā.

Te Hāpai Ō refers to the important role of those behind the scenes who work hard to ensure the journey ahead goes well for everyone. Taken from the Māori whakataukī (proverb): ‘Ko te amorangi ki mua, ko te hāpai ō ki muri’ | ‘When the right support is given from those in the back, then the work from those at the front will be successful’, Te Hāpai Ō recognises the value of providing information and support to our wider community in order for us to successfully plan and prepare over the coming weeks as we navigate this unique and unsettling time together.

Te Taha Hinengaro | Mental wellbeing

University of Canterbury Clinical Psychology Professor Julia Rucklidge will talk about key mental wellbeing principles followed by a Q&A session focusing on your questions about nutrition and nutrients, managing anxiety and stress, exercise, and maintaining good routines in uncertain times.

Join us on UC’s Facebook page for the live talk: Friday 3 April at 11am.

Te Taha Wairua | Spiritual Wellbeing

The University of Canterbury’s Senior Ecumenical Chaplain, Reverend Spanky Moore, will use Good Friday to introduce the tradition of Contemplative Spirituality, and briefly explore the benefits of making space for a ‘Spiritual Practice’ during this season of lockdown or sheltering.

Join us on UC’s Facebook page for the live talk and Q&A: Friday 10 April at 11am.

Te Taha Whānau | Whānau Wellbeing

University of Canterbury Health Sciences lecturer Tracy Clelland will discuss practical ways of using wellbeing models to enhance family/whānau relationships (including tips for combining working at home and parenting). Tracy will share practical tips based on the five ways to wellbeing, and how to build and maintain positive family relationships during lockdown. You can ask questions and share your experience of what works in your family in the following Q&A session.

Join us on UC’s Facebook page for the live talk Te Taha Whānau | Whānau Wellbeing: Friday 17 April at 11am.

During Times of Uncertainty It Is Important to Find Ways to Give

Throughout this time, it is important to remember that we are not alone. Connecting with others is important for maintaining a healthy wellbeing, one way we can do this is through the act of giving. It feels good to give and everyone has something to offer.

Here are some ways you can continue to give:

  • Give compliments to others via skype, phone or email.
  • Think of a skill you can offer to others i.e. teach your family how to cook, teach a friend another language or how to play a musical instrument via skype.
  • Let people know you are there to help and tell them what help you go off i.e offer to pick up food for your neighbour when you go shopping.

During times of Uncertainty it is important to find ways to Take Notice

Throughout this time, we still have the same opportunity for happiness that we did before, but it’s all about looking in different places to find it. Remember that there are simple things in life that can give you joy. Here are some ways that you can take notice and spark the joy in you:

  • Reflect on what you are grateful for each day. Share with your friends and family online or note down in a gratitude journal.
  • Take time to appreciate the beauty in the world around your home.
  • Go outside and breathe in the fresh air when you can.
  • Care for and watch the plants in your room grow as the days pass.
  • Spend time with your pets. Take notice of how happy they are to have you around.
  • Take the time to thank someone for how they make you feel.
  • Do a mindfulness exercise on YouTube.

Mindfulness takes practice. Here are some ideas that you can do throughout your day to stay positive and present: