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Are you a new student?  You can have a mentor

Are you a new student?  You can have a mentor

Want to meet a friendly student who has got through 1st year and knows a few tips and tricks to help you survive and thrive in your 1st year? Come along!

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Become a student mentor

Click to learn more about the UC mentoring experience
Click to learn more about the UC mentoring experience

The university has a mentoring programme administered by the student experience team, aimed at providing an informal support system to help any student in need during their time at university. It can be academic related, regarding clubs and events on campus, or simply to have another familiar face.

Becoming a mentor is refreshing and engaging and allows you to contribute to the UC community in a positive way. You give as much or as little time as you want and you get to pick your mentee. The idea is to support a student through the year or for as long as they need in order to make their time at UC a success. In the end, you’ll have had a unique experience, and if you’re lucky, a new friend in your mentee.

You can become a mentor as long as you have been at UC for more than one semester. Simply register here to be a mentor and Jane Hall, the programme coordinator will get in touch with you. You can also contact her at jane.hall@canterbury.ac.nz if you have any questions. 

Typically, you pick a mentee in three simple steps:

1. Once you’re registered, you get put on the mailing list and at the start of each semester (and very rarely at other times in the year) you get a list of new students, mostly international/exchange students, with a brief description of what they’re looking for in a mentor.

2. Pick a mentee/group of mentees that you feel you can help/relate to the most by replying to the e-mail.

3. Their contact details are then passed on to you and it’s up to you to get in touch with them and take it from there.

From that point, things are entirely in your hands! You have the freedom to meet as little or as many times as you want.  Also, don’t worry if things don’t go well, you can always state the issue and try to resolve it with the help of the coordinator, or drop your mentee entirely,  and in no way does it affect your record.

You can also become a Maori mentor if you are of Maori descent through the Tuakana Mentoring Programme by applying here, or a Pacific mentor with the Pacific Mentoring Programme if you are of Pacific descent by applying here.

Click here to see what others have gained from their mentoring experience.

New Chronicle out now!

Chronicle cover

Since 1963, the Chronicle has been keeping the University of Canterbury and its alumni and friends informed of happenings on campus. Two issues are produced each year featuring news about staff, students, teaching and research at Canterbury.

The May issue is available now on magazine stands around campus and is also available online.

This issue features uni news, student success stories and groundbreaking research happening at UC. Read more about Prince Harry’s visit to UC, partnerships with the Tactix and the Crusaders, student mentoring, the new UC Finder app, the Engineering Without Borders Warm Homes Initiative and a whole lot more!