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Orientation Day for new students


If you are new to UC this year don’t forget to register for Orientation Day on Friday 20 February. Orientation Day is your essential guide to everything at UC in 2015.

Orientation is the best way to find out what university life has to offer. It is exclusive to new students but there is also an opportunity for parents to find out more about the University with a range of special orientation events designed for mum and dad, so feel free to bring them along too.

Check out the programme and more information on the Orientation Day website.

Checklist for uni!

  1. Textbooks: One of the hardest things at university is trying to catch up once you fall behind. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you and start 2015 off on the right foot – be prepared with the required textbooks for your classes.
  2. Note taking equipment: If you write your notes out in an exercise book then buy enough books to last you at least through first semester. Or if you choose to type them up on a laptop or tablet, then check your device is in working order and your files are organised for the new year. You can also never have enough pens, and highlighters on hand so chuck a few extras in your bag!
  3. Check your online timetableBefore you’re on campus try to sort out any timetable clashes as it’s impossible to be in two places at once! Also don’t forget to choose your tutorials, labs and other classes online…you’ll want to grab a spot before it’s full. The online timetable planner is really handy!
  4. Sign up at the UC RecCentre: As long as you pay your fees and levy you’ll get free access to the RecCentre, so make the most of it! Sign up online before March 1st and you’ll be able to get in with your Canterbury Card for the whole year.
  5. Enrol at the UC Health Centre: As a student you can receive subsidised quality healthcare right on campus! Sign up by February 20th otherwise you’ll miss the strict deadline and be stuck paying for doctors visits while other students get them for free. If you’re an international student it works a little different as you must have insurance cover, so talk to the friendly Health Centre staff about that.
  6. Get a Parking Permit: To park on campus you need a permit or a Pay and Display ticket, or your car will be clamped which isn’t fun at all! You can purchase a permit if you need one from the UC Security Office on 114 Ilam Road. Don’t forget!
  7. Tickets for UCSA OrientationYou won’t want to miss out on these two fun-filled weeks! Read my previous post about Orientation 2015 here…
  8. On your first day back put some money on your Canterbury Card: This will enable you to use the internet and print at UC. It may take half an hour for the money to load on, so do it at the start of the year and you’ll always be prepared!

Get ready for UC in 2015!

Summer seems to have gone by quick and the start of a new academic year is fast approaching and personally I’m looking forward to it.  Some of you may just be starting out, some in your last year and the rest working your way to the finish; regardless, I’m hoping that everyone is starting out with a goal and all the energy that is required to fulfill it.

The University of Canterbury and the UC Students’ Association (UCSA) have a lot in store this year and it’s up to you to make the most of it; from the famous UCSA O-week to UC Orientation Day and International  Welcome there are plenty of events happening  to kick-start your 2015. Make sure you sign up or register to as many activities as you can and definitely buy your tickets to O-week events before they’re exhausted.

Something else to look out for is Clubs Days at UC. With lots of free stuff, food and heaps of clubs to choose from, the clubs you sign up for  determine your social life at UC and are a great way to build lasting friendships.

Among all this fun and excitement, don’t forget to complete your enrolment (or re-enrolment) and ensure you add courses to your application. If you’re an international student ensure you have the enrol in person schedule and know your assigned date (read the schedule carefully as it explains some flexible options if you have important commitments that clash with the schedule).

It’s also a good idea to check with a course adviser that you’re on the right track or call the Contact Centre for free on 0800 827 748 or +64 3 364 2555.

As always, if you need help with anything or any advice at all, there’s plenty of help available at UC and you can always comment on this post if you don’t know where to begin.

Lastly, keep up with this blog and follow it closely to stay updated with all the events, gossip, reminders and all things UC.